While we can’t have everyone over to show slides of our journey through 2017, we can invite you to peruse our annual report! 

Every year, rabble releases a comprehensive annual report to share what we’ve been doing and how we spend the money we receive from the community and our sustaining partners. You can find our last 12 years of reports here, including 2017’s report. While there are no regulations that require us to publish our annual report publicly, we feel it important to be open about how we operate and are proud of what we accomplish with a budget that is a fraction of similar organizations.

As you’ll see in our report, rabble took on 2017 with a fury! A year with myriad reasons to take to the streets in protest, we were with you through all of it. This year as always, rabble remain independent, fierce, and unapologetically committed to exploring the perspectives of progressive communities in Canada and around the world.

If you like what you see in these pages, and if you want to support our work, please don’t hesitate — you can do it right here!

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