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Oh, Canada.

July 1 is a time for lefties to endure an entire uninterrupted day of cringe-inducing displays of patriotism. Red and white facepaint everywhere and way too many people will harangue and lecture the world on social media about peacekeeping, multiculturalism and our “dreamy” prime minister.

The patriotic trinkets news outlets offer on Canada Day — like a Canadian flag cut-out centrefold — are just awful.

Over at CBC Montreal, they’ve put together probably the worst example of Canada Day schlock in a generation: The not-so-great Canada Day “Tuques Up” challenge. It is like a patriotic card game version of charades.

Note: the card game is pretty embarassing so be warned about looking at the complete collection, which inexplicably includes Liberal MP Marc Garneau who they may have mistaken for Chris Hadfield.

At rabble we usually give pause, and reflect on our problematic Canadian national mythology. But this year, we also want to give you something fun to cure those red and white blues.

The CBC suggests that readers come up with their own cards for tuques up. So we did.

Download and enjoy our version. You won’t be sorry! (get it?)

The point is that alternative media plays a serious, but sometimes irreverent, role in society. rabble is a necessary and subversive space for radical ideas that are otherwise invisible. Canada needs more radical ideas, more undermining of the status quo, more pressure on the powerful, and less pressure on the powerless.

For 15 years we’ve provided completely free access to our content and we’d like to keep it that way. And for 15 years rabble has struggled to make ends meet. This year is no different.

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This Canada Day we have a special contest for our supporters. For our 15th anniversary we’re giving away signed copies of three books by one of Canada’s most cherished writers excluded from the CBC’s Tuques Up challenge: Lawrence Hill.

Anyone who donates between now and the end of Canada Day weekend will be entered automatically in to a contest to win an autographed collection of three Lawrence Hill books.

Donate what you can here and have an actual happy Canada Day that celebrates diversity, challenging ideas, and rabble’s 15th year of fighting for a more socially just country.