best of rabble 2011 box v2_0

Recently we introduced you to the Best of 2011 book (and special iPad multimedia edition).  We had some requests for a peek inside the book so we are sharing the table of contents. You can get the book right here for just $10 (plus $2.95 shipping and handling for Canadian residents) or e-mail bestofrabble [@] for more information.




“Women’s Worlds 2012: Interview with Kinnie Starr” by Ellie Gordon-Moershel

“A revulsion for repression: In conversation with Amira Hass” by Paul Weinberg

“A progressive greenhouse: Under One Roof allows Ottawa NGOs to grow together” by Cathryn Atkinson

“Adrian Dix on the way ahead for B.C.’s NDP” by David P. Ball


“Egypt: Days of anger in the age of terror” by Sarah Ghabrial

“Sun News to shine on Conservatives from next week” by Donald Gutstein

“Monster mine plan cuts deep into Ontario farmland” by Meg Borthwick

“Tariq Ramadan on Norway’s massacre: Why the West needs to wake up” by Tariq Jeeroburkhan

“The Muslim youth vote in Ontario Chelby” by Marie Daigle

“Hill Dispatches: Officials answer AG criticism of First Nations services with process talk, frustrating a Tory MP” by Karl Nerenberg


“Canada’s real electoral map: A surge for the left” by Jesse McLaren

“A year on, calls for a G20 inquiry still resonate” by Nora Loreto

“Occupy(ed) Canada: The political economy of Indigenous dispossession in Canada” by Shiri Pasternak

“Letter to Occupy Together Movement” by Harsha Walia

“On Afghanistan: A decade of war, a decade of resistance” by James Clark

“ Change to federal politics is going to come from outside Ottawa” by Jamie Biggar and Adam Sheletsky

“Robert Lovelace is an Algonquin presence with the Freedom Flotilla” by Robert Lovelace

“Grief, love and politics: Jack’s last letter calls forth the best in us” by Derrick O’Keefe

“Canadian vets Occupy on Remembrance Day” by Elizabeth Littlejohn

“Should feminists be vegetarian?” by Meghan Murphy

Progressive Dialogue Series

“Reinventing democracy, reclaiming the commons:A progressive dialogue on the future of Canada” by Murray Dobbin

“Love in a time of climate crisis” by Velcrow Ripper

“Building an intergenerational movement” by Brigette DePape

“New Politics Initiative at 10: Time to look forward ” by Mel Watkins

“Intergenerational lessons for the Occupy movement” by Emma Pullman and Judy Rebick


“Children have the right to a future and we need a new lexicon to convey this” by Raffi Cavoukian

“Unions fight back with direct action — Madison style” by Fred Wilson

“Speaking out against an unwanted Quebec mine” by krystalline kraus

“Cohen inquiry to shed light on fish farm secrecy” by Tria Donaldson

“Toronto considers a complete ban on panhandling” by John Bonnar

“Fed up with Facebook? Ticked at Twitter? Diaspora* is up and running!” by Bob Chandler

“Unbelievable, but undeniable: Genocide in Canada” by Pam Palmater

“Tory recipe for happiness: Save money and gain self-esteem by scrapping the gun registry!” by David Climenhaga

“Stopping the introduction of coastal tanker traffic and tar sands expansion” by Tyler McCreary


“Why we fight (for the Internet)” by Steve Anderson and Alicia Girard

“Canada’s secret trial cases built on torture” by Matthew Behrens

“Remembering Nancy Riche: Inspirational labour leaders build a better Canada” by Duncan Cameron

Arts, Culture, Books

“Driving for a car free future”by Stefan Christoff

“rabble’s 10th: Our story: rabble’s book lounge launches 70s style” by Alex Samur

“Portrait of Resistance: Film captures the art and activism of Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge” by Humberto DaSilva

“In defence of zombies” by Michael Stewart

“The militarization of Canadian culture” by Bob Hackett