There is an awful lot be angry about coming out of Ottawa and Parliament. A lot of it has been going on for years. Luckily our Parliamentary and politics reporter Karl Nerenberg has been journalist for well over a couple of decades including covering Parliament. As you likely know we are seeking community funding to keep Karl’s reporting going. You can chip in right here and pick up some nice perks for promoting progressive press!

Since 2001 rabble has been providing news for the rest of us, from political analysis to breaking stories. We launched the first podcast network, we were doing live internet tv news coverage years ago, we were early on twitter, and we turned to the community a few years ago to bring a desperately needed independent reporter to Parliament. Our readers and Sustaining Partners responded and award-winning journalist Karl Nerenberg joined rabble, and has been bringing us important stories since. With your help (every dollar counts!) we can keep drawing on Karl’s great reporting and experience

Our goal for this Indieogogo campaign is $5,000, please help us make it. The good news there is no learning curve for Karl. Your donation goes to a project with a proven track record. Given the track record of Harper and company we need a vigilant press. Karl Nerenberg gets it done.