Dear rabblers,

It’s always amazing to see the volume of support that a small but fierce publication such as can turn up, even within the confines of capacity and resources — and the turmoil of everything happening this year. 

Thank you to the many of you who have chipped in, signed up and shared rabble’s letters to friends and families, and personally stood by our side in the fight for media democracy.

Right now, is at $45,000 — that is, 90 per cent of the way to its $50,000 summer goal. And though some of you are possibly heading back to school and work, I’d like to ask — if you haven’t had a chance yet to donate for rabble’s summer fundraising drive —  if you’re able to chip in now to take rabble over the top!

For nearly 20 years rabble has had a deep-rooted commitment to the labour movement, and social and environmental justice struggles around the country.

In the era of COVID-19 — and with so many precarious systems exposed — Canada, more than ever, needs to be reminded of the power of collective action and fearless labour organizing, and the benefits of a strong and protected workforce. Allow us to see this through, and amplify this message in the coming months.

On the eve of rabble’s $50,000 fundraising goal, would you be able to make a special donation to make this fundraiser a success? Every dollar counts.

Thank you for being a part of rabble’s story.

In solidarity,

Bob Gallagher, USW rep and board member

Bob Gallagher

Bob Gallagher is a member of’s Members’ Council.