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Dear rabble reader,

We live in interesting times.

Climate changes, regime changes, class struggle, societal changes, fascism forward, democracy in decline, resistance on the rise.

Although the times are interesting, mainstream media coverage has become more timid when it’s not painfully predictable. Big Media, whether private or public, is now more interested in “balance” than truth. But you and I know that not all viewpoints carry the same weight.

On social media, the game is fixed too. Big corporate analytics have turned our social media feeds into a pay-to-play battleground for the merchants of memes.

So, where do you go for the last word in progressive reporting? is where I start my day!

Whether its global, national, or local politics, has the story that no other media will report. From Karl Nerenberg’s incisive parliamentary reportage, to David Climenhaga’s insights on the oilpatch, it’s all there for your information. And at rabble, the labour movement is not just a reductionist “strike looms” or “picket line violence” lede followed by a biased story. The issues are analyzed for the discerning reader, not the lowest common denominator.

rabble brings you Naomi Klein, Pam Palmater, and sometimes, for comic relief, even me, in persona as Not Rex Murphy. Wow, I got me and Naomi Klein in the same sentence!

Whatever your progressive news needs, you need only reach for your smartphone, and your daily news needs are met, at

So I am writing to beg for your support for rabble’s ambitious 2018 fundraiser.

rabble reports for all Canadians on a yearly budget that would barely get you a secondhand Tesla.

Your donation will make a difference here because you will be supporting the work of non-profit independent journalism right here. You will be supporting media democracy itself, keeping rabble a no fee, no paywall, no barrier news site.

So dig deep, the truth you save may be your own.

Thank you,

Humberto da Silva

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Humberto DaSilva

Humberto DaSilva

Humberto da Silva was born and lives in Toronto. An early desire to conquer the English language resulted in literary pretensions and numerous short story publications. The inclusion of “Compassion...