There is an urgency to our activism, for both Indigenous people and our allies.

In the face of incredible obstacles, we continue to fight fiercely for justice and reconciliation while taking time to gather our energy and build community.

One important force driving this movement forward is independent media. We need media that speaks boldly, that shares our stories, that gives due credit to our perspectives — does just that.

Time is of the essence. Unlawful pipelines continue to be built on Indigenous territories; the RCMP continue to make illegal arrests of land defenders on unceded lands; and, anti-Indigenous racism permeates discussions on social media. The representation of these issues is too often whitewashed by mainstream media.

As a mom, lawyer, professor, author, activist, a Mi’kmaw citizen, and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation, I’m worried, angry, but I’m also motivated to keep going. To keep fighting. There is much to be done, but you can take one step forward today by supporting independent media like

Keep the momentum of our movement strong by supporting

Progressive journalism, news and analysis matter. We are the ones who can ensure the future of independent media. If you can, please support‘s reporting by donating to their winter fundraiser now. They need your help to make their $50,000 winter fundraising goal — though I hear they just need a strong final push to cross the line. All of the proceeds will help rabble maintain a firm hand in standing up for media democracy.

I’m also happy to share that digital copies of my new book, Warrior Life, will go to the first 25 people who contribute a monthly donation of $15 per month or more. Every donation counts: whether you can give $3 per month or chip in $25.

In the early days of the Idle No More movement, rabble was a key resource for people to learn about, share, and discuss the movement. That’s still true to this day. From Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain pipeline construction, to the crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women, is a great forum for debate and real information. Speaking personally, rabble has been a strong supporter of my work for years.

A good example of the difference in reporting is in the current Liberal government’s portrayal in mainstream media around its relationship with Indigenous communities. The truth that needs to be told is Trudeau’s betrayal of First Nations people, and therefore his betrayal of all Canadians.

The fact is that Trudeau told Indigenous people that he would recognize our legal right to veto any development on our territories. That means the right to say no to pipelines. This, as we know, hasn’t happened, with a complete overhaul of the consultation process, and purchasing of the pipeline.

Fortunately, has not let up on speaking truth to power. If you can’t afford a donation, please encourage a friend or colleague who can. Word of mouth means a lot in grassroots struggles, and that is what this is.

What we need in Canada is an independent media system that is tuned to the activism that fights for a more just, wise, and equal world. Please help us on our path to common purpose and make change at