rabble.ca is excited to share news of some of the changes in our virtual newsroom, including the introduction of journalist and producer Meagan Perry in the new role of editor-in-chief of Canada’s leading, progressive national news alternative:   

“Canada needs a robust, professional national independent media alternative more than at any time in the past. We need a media that tells the stories of Canada’s social movements, and that calls mainstream media, and the corporate and political elite to account. We need a media that doesn’t only question the status quo, but that shares alternatives through the dynamic stories of Canada’s civil society actors. We are very excited to have such an experienced journalist, producer and communications specialist as Meagan Perry take on the new rabble position of editor-in-chief. Meagan will be instrumental in expanding our growing coverage,” said rabble.ca publisher Kim Elliott.

“I am very pleased to take on a new role in my work with the dedicated, passionate group of people who contribute to rabble.ca: writers, audio and video podcast producers, babblers, and the rabble.ca editorial team,” said rabble editor-in-chief Meagan Perry. “This is a vital moment in Canada’s history. rabble has an important role to play in Canada’s media ecosystem and we’ll continue the work of presenting a wide range of news and commentary on politics and progressive movements in Canada. Stay tuned. rabble.ca is always growing.”

rabble.ca’s editorial team will continue growing and changing over the next several months, as the organization looks into best practices in online newsroom structures, and seeks the innovative structures that work best to fit rabble’s demanding daily production schedule, producing news for the rest of us, and making the best use possible of every dollar raised (you won’t find an other media organization that does more to make every dollar count! See our annual reports here).

With up to 450,000 monthly unique visitors, rabble.ca is Canada’s most popular national source of independent news and views, and features original news, opinion, book reviews, podcasts and live and pre-recorded video exploring issues facing Canadians. rabble.ca is in its 13th year of providing 100 per cent free news content to Canadians. rabble.ca is a non-profit, community-supported organization. (You can support rabble at https://rabble.ca/donate).

Meet the team!

rabble.ca is the result of the work many professionals who work part-time (and volunteer) behind the scenes to edit, publish, coordinate and promote the diverse editorial content rabble.ca publishes each day.

Meagan Perry, editor-in-chief and executive producer of the rabble podcast network. We are excited to have Meagan take on the new role of editor-in-chief beginning in this interim period. Meagan has been a senior member of rabble’s editorial team since she was engaged in 2006 to oversee the rabble podcast network — Canada’s first progressive network of podcasts. Before coming to rabble.ca, Meagan worked for CBC radio’s As It Happens and DNTO, as well as having years of production and journalism experience in community media. She continues to freelance for CBC radio and her writing has been featured in The New Zealand Herald, This Magazine, Herizons, Yukon News and the National Post. She also runs MAP Communications Consulting, which produces media for clients across Canada. As editor-in-chief, Meagan will be steering rabble’s editorial course, leading our process of reviewing best online newsroom practices, and coordinating rabble’s national multi-media coverage of the stories either missing — or misconstrued — by big media.

Kaitlin McNabb, news coordinator and book lounge coordinator. Kaitlin McNabb joined rabble.ca two years ago as books intern, and was engaged in the role of book lounge coordinator in early 2013. She has taken on the new role of news coordinator during the interim period, and is our frontline responder to the many pitches we receive daily, and the day-to-day features found under our news tab. Among the many other tasks she fulfils, if you like our selection for our daily front-page image, you can thank Kaitlin!

Michelle Gregus, managing editor. Michelle has been managing editor at rabble since 2012, and has been with rabble for eight years, beginning way back in 2006 as an intern. Beyond keeping an eye on the consistency and development of the website and editorial direction, Michelle also coordinates and edits our incredible and always growing roster of columns. When she is not keeping all of us at rabble in line with our style guide, she is completing a PhD in Communications.

Michael Stewart, blogs coordinator and babble moderator. A long-time contributor and babbler, Michael joined rabble in an official role in 2010 as babble moderator, and took up the helm of blogs coordinator in early 2013. If you ever wonder how rabble wrangles our dozens of active bloggers on the site, Michael has the answers. Michael is also a regular blogger on rabble himself, a teacher and doctoral student, and father of two.

Meg Borthwick, babble moderator. Of the many roles she has taken on at rabble, Meg has been on babble longer than any of us and knows it best. She keeps the community respectful and comments on subject. A veteran community radio broadcaster and journalist, Meg is also a regular contributor to rabble.

Steffanie Pinch, Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit coordinator. Steff joined rabble in 2011 as toolkit intern and now runs the show. She is a graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program. If you have a tool that you think will make the world a better place — share it with Steff, and she’ll help you share it with the world.

Tania Ehret, Indie Inside coordinator. Tania joined rabble as a contributing editor in 2012, and took over the volunteer role of coordinating Indie Inside — a venue on rabble to support and promote Canada’s wealth of independent musicians. Contact Tania indieinside@rabble.ca if you have a music video you would like to promote.

Matthew Adams, In Cahoots editor, director of special projects. Matthew has been with rabble since 2005, and is our director of special projects, as well as editor for In Cahoots — our section featuring news from our civil society partners. To learn how your organization can become an In Cahoots partner, contact [email protected]

Kim Elliott, publisher. Kim joined rabble in 2004 as managing editor, and became publisher in 2006. She runs the business side of the site, and is responsible for the overall editorial vision.

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