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The 2016 U.S. presidential nomination race has been one of many surprises, week after week, and probably the first in which the remaining three candidates are often mentioned by their first names(Hillary, Bernie and yes, The Donald).

Tuesday June 7 is the day of the last “Super Tuesday” cluster of state primaries for the Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton’s presumed coronation (at the start of the primaries some months ago) faced a strong populist challenger in Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Against all odds, the relatively unknown Bernie ignited a flame in the hearts of millions of supporters with his 100 per cent people-funded grassroots campaign and a record millions in individual donations. Against the most powerful political establishment (including the likes of former president Bill Clinton and many Democrat VIPs in Congress), Bernie has won primaries all across the country and gained 45 per cent of the pledged delegates to date.

As the infographic below shows, here’s the math: 2383 pledged delegates are needed to win the nomination. Hillary has won 1769, and Bernie has won 1501. Her lead is 268. June 4 through June 14: 930 pledged delegates are left to be won. NOTE: neither candidate can clinch the nomination before June 14, and that makes for a “contested convention” — one where the candidate is to be chosen in Philadelphia at the end of July.



Despite this, the talk on corporately owned mainstream media (MSM) is of a historic moment on Tuesday, when, if you count Hillary’s 400-plus superdelegates, her total number can go above the needed 2383, and, the talk goes, she becomes the Democrats’ presumptive nominee — the first woman to win a nomination for president. Yes, this would be something to celebrate. If true.

Yet the facts don’t support this conclusion.

Despite that, the MSM will repeat the falsehood of a pseudo-historic moment for Hillary, and, by extension, for all women.

Don’t fall for it.

Truth trumps all else. Character has always trumped gender.

Integrity trumps gender. Period.

Polls show that Hillary Clinton is a candidate not trusted by the majority of probable voters. Only Donald Trump shares this unfavorablity distinction. Also, she’s currently under an FBI investigation for violation of a federal communications order (using a private email server, endangering national security) during her time as Secretary of State.

If the truth is important to you, shout back. Tell the MSM what you think of their deception. This is a teachable moment, for all of us. For young people, for students, spouses, party officials, colleagues and friends.

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said he’s in it to win, and that he’s taking his nomination bid to the convention in July, when he’ll make the case to superdelegates that he is the stronger candidate to defeat the GOP’s ill-chosen Donald.

We can’t know on Tuesday June 7 who the Democratic nominee will be. That’s the truth. Here’s to a mature, civil, and truthful process from here to the convention in Philadelphia to elect the strongest candidate to defeat the dangerous GOP racist bigot.

Bernie deserves respect for a valiant and visionary campaign that seeks to end the corrupt hold of Wall St one per cent over the 99 per cent. His grassroots support of democracy is sorely needed, and well beyond November’s presidential election.

May our faith rest in “We The People” — not the rigged insider establishment. May the truth be known. May truth prevail.

From one who cherishes democracy, with love to all.

Inspired by Bernie Sanders’ principled and visionary campaign for U.S. presidential nomination, Raffi wrote and recorded the song “Wave Of Democracy.

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Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore


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