“Our house is on fire. I am here to say, our house is on fire. […] I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.” – Greta Thunbeg, Swedish climate activist

Dear readers,

These are urgent times. Times of extremes. With the surge of right-wing populism and the political and corporate class propelling us toward climate breakdown, we know that we’re not alone in believing that a better, more just world is possible. But only if we work together.

Our mobilized community of readers, from coast to coast — and outside Canada too! — has stood with rabble from the very beginning as we took to the frontlines to cover social movements across Canada. From the anti-globalization movements of the early 2000s, to Occupy, to Idle No More, the Maple Spring, and Black Lives Matter, and the growing movement for a Green New Deal, we’ve been your source for independent, activist-fueled news. When times get tough, we don’t retreat. We work ever harder to tell stories about beautiful resistance budding across the country.

In the wake of these vital issues and this year’s fast-approaching Canadian federal election, will you continue to stand with us?

Here are a few things we aim to accomplish this year in our election coverage:

1. Hire and add to our roster of young writers, racialized and Indigenous writers, covering climate justice and youth-led social movements

2. Maintain a multifaceted series on the Green New Deal, the student climate strike and other grassroots climate movements

3. Create a #rightwingwatch to keep track of the rise of the right, and the mass movements of resistance

4. Report on the critical steps towards reconciliation, for all parties

5. Update our educational voting and election kits

6. Host social media/online townhalls with our contributors, including our parliamentary writer, Karl Nerenberg

7. Grow our budget for distributing content. We all know that Google and Facebook make it increasingly difficult for all media — but especially non-profit, independent media — to get news out. We are going to make sure the fantastic writers and critical stories and podcasts are shared widely. This election is a critical juncture in fighting back against the politics of hate, and climate nihilism (and denial), but we are hopeful, because of a whole new generation of progressive, insightful and passionate youth activists and leaders, who are blooming from the cracks of despair, each day!

Will you sign up to ensure we can make these election issues?


Kim Elliott, Publisher

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Kim Elliott

Kim Elliott operated as publisher for rabble.ca between 2006-2023.