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We have 86 days left until the federal election. rabble is nearly ready and we need your help to put our #WIN2015 plan fully into place. Why support rabble? Well, consider this: In the next election, if you really want to have a source of information that’s not determined by the marketing policies of big media or the political pressures that they face — you’re going to have to pay for it. Our Parliamentary Correspondent Karl Nerenberg used to work in mainstream media but then he joined rabble.ca. Here he is in his own words to remind us why rabble needs your support:

Dear rabble readers,

I used to work in the mainstream media, and joined rabble in 2011 when they launched their Parliamentary Bureau. At the time, I was finishing a film on the Roma people and, as a result, was much preoccupied with refugee issues. rabble gave me the chance to explore Canada’s refugee policy and many other issues in a way mainstream media would never have done. 

I worked at CBC for nearly a quarter century. I am proud of much of what I, together with colleagues, accomplished there. But at CBC — as at The Globe, CTV or Postmedia — there is a limited tolerance for stories the bosses do not see as ‘box office.’ 

Politically, everyone save professional ranters like Don Cherry, Kevin O’Leary and Rex Murphy has to adhere to an unspoken ‘moderate’ consensus. All of the established media give short shrift to stories on the environment, refugees, Indigenous people, labour, the poor and the developing world. 

Without your support rabble would not exist today. I am lucky rabble gave me the chance to do the work I have done for four years; anywhere else, I would not have had that kind of support. You can support rabble right here.


Karl Nerenberg
rabble Parliamentary Correspondent

Karl Nerenberg

Karl Nerenberg joined rabble in 2011 to cover Canadian politics. He has worked as a journalist and filmmaker for many decades, including two and a half decades at CBC/Radio-Canada. Among his career highlights...