Congratulations and thanks!

With your help, the Canadian Boat to Gaza campaign has surpassed the half-way mark in our fundraising goal. Our holiday appeal helped bring in about $18,000 over the last month, which puts us at over $152,000 –- and counting!

We are proceeding towards our target sailing date with the Freedom Flotilla 2, set for March 30 (Land Day for Palestinians), with a dozen or more other national initiatives. To reach this goal by having a Canadian boat in the water ready to sail at that date, we need all of your continued support, for fundraising and for developing support in communities across the country. We are currently shopping for a boat, and hope to make a down payment on one soon, so continued donations from Canadians like you are absolutely vital to our ongoing campaign.

If you are part of community groups, unions, faith communities or other organizations that could organize fundraisers support our campaign, please get in touch with us (at [email protected] ); similarly, if you or your organizing would like to endorse our campaign, please contact us ASAP.

Help name the Canadian Boat: our call for suggestions will close this Friday, January 21. Please submit your suggestions here.

Delegate Nominations Closing: While many of us across the country will be symbolically on board with this campaign, only a small number of us will actually be on board the boat. We will be carefully selecting those delegates who will be going to represent us all. To this end, DELEGATE NOMINATIONS for participants who are willing to go on the will be closing on January 28, using the webform here.

Donate $100 or more and we will send you a free Canadian Boat to Gaza T-shirt!

For donations of $100 or more, we will mail you a t-shirt as a gift. For online donations, simply record the confirmation number and email it to us (info[at]canadaboatgaza[dot]org) along with the size you want: S-M-L-XL-XXL and the name and address to post the t-shirt to. For donations by cheque or money order, instead of a confirmation number, send us in an email the name on the cheque or money order and its number.