Common Frontiers condemns the attempted coup plot orchestrated by anti-government forces to coincide with the commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the violent opposition-led demonstrations last year when more than 43 people were killed.

As anti-government demonstrations once again clash with police on the streets, hurling Molotov cocktails injuring five security officials and three demonstrators, behind the scenes the architects of the failed coup were putting the finishing touches to their criminal plan. Details released by government sources indicate that a small group of civilians and air force officials were recruited to carry this out; it included bombing the Presidential Palace, the offices of teleSUR, assassinating President Maduro, and publishing a plan for a “transitional government”. The leader of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello revealed the government has confiscated grenades, military and Sebin (intelligence) uniforms, and a video with masked military officials speaking out against the government and detailing the plan.

The Bolivarian project has undertaken 18 internationally recognized democratic elections over the past fifteen years winning all but one. In 2013, pro-government candidates obtained 54% of the national vote in nation-wide municipal elections winning in over three-fourths of the municipalities. These victories are testament to the overwhelming support for the Bolivarian project in Venezuela. The failure of the opposition in the electoral arena has motivated them to undertake extreme measures to challenge the government. Under a campaign called “the exit” they have publicly called for regime change and aligned with the business elites engaging in economic destabilization through hording of products as part of a psychological war to create fear and chaos.

Common Frontiers stands in Solidarity with the people of Venezuela and rejects attempts at undermining Venezuela’s sovereignty. We oppose any efforts both locally or internationally that seek to rupture the Constitutional order in Venezuela.

We call on the Canadian government and Parliament to:

  • Follow the lead of the The Non-Aligned Movement, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) who have rejected any attempt to destabilize Venezuela.
  • Condemn the anti-government violence actions and recent failed coup d’état.
  • Support peace and reconciliation in Venezuela by refraining from supporting the opposition and its members like Leopoldo Lopez who has been charged with criminal offenses including public incitement to violence and criminal association as it only further emboldens their destabilization efforts. 

Common Frontier – Canada -Raul Burbano – Program Director