We, the steering committee members aboard the Tahrir, remain docked in Crete after being boarded, commandeered and towed back to port against our will.

Today our steadfast resolve won two important victories: we successfully turned on our generator to return electric power to the Tahrir, and we successfully insisted that the port authorities take our statements without anyone leaving the boat. We remain concerned about the fate of Soha Kneen, Michael Coleman and Sandra Rush, currently awaiting charges at the District Prosecutor’s office.

–  an end to interference by Greek authorities with our vessel and the flotilla; and

–  that Greek authorities fix the damage they did to the Tahrir. The ship was damaged by Greek forces on the way back to port after being boarded. This is outrageous and the vessel should be repaired without delay at the expense of Greek authorities; and

–  that Greece allow the Tahrir to relocate to a safe port of our choosing. The Greek authorities want to move the boat tomorrow morning. We assert our right to move the ship with a local captain of our choosing, rather than Greek authorities commandeering our ship again; and

–  the release of our fellow Tahririans from custody. Three organizers with the Canadian boat to Gaza remain in detention; and

–  that Greece stop enforcing Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza and allow the flotilla to complete its mission.

Here in Canada we must also keep up the pressure.  

1. We ask people to write MPs and Canadian Ambassador in Greece calling on the Embassy to meet its Consular obligations with regards to all Canadians on the Tahrir. Tell them that the obligations are clearly established in international law and, more specifically, under the terms of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which Canada is a signatory.

2.  Keep up local actions, which might include vigils, demonstrations at consulates or embassies, or other creative actions aimed at drawing public attention to the situation.3. Continue Tweeting and using social networking to spread messages and images far and wide.