Salut rebellions,

Here’s part of one of a primer for activists when you all hit the streets.

Now, I first have to note that or myself cannot be held responsible for free-thinking activists and what they freely chose to do with this free information. I do want to point out that I have always felt that information is power — especially for new activists — so when you hit the streets, you can have some sense of what is going on (on our side/their side) and therefore make informed decisions.

Remember, you always have freedom of choice when you’re in these actions. You have to make the decision whether to join in to an action or not. You have to make the decision to step off the sidewalk and into the street. These are all choices that could up your risk level regarding civil disobedience so go boldly forward at your own comfort level and show the state who’s really in charge!

No activist has the right to pull the “I’m more hardcore than thou” card to get you to step into an action you are not comfortable with. You are a wonderful, free thinking rebellion!

And remember – and you can quote me of this – “the role of good organizers or leaders is to help you feel safe enough to feel brave.”

That’s when the movement is at its best; supporting each other. Fighting capitalism is like fighting an octopus; there are a lot of different tentacles but if we work together, we can ‘er done.

So feel free to use what’s written here as a tool. The more you know, the less you’ll be overwhelmed when on the street and the less the police can intimidate you.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or confused at a demonstration, please reach out and talk to someone who looks like they know what they are doing/what’s going on. We’re here to help each other!


1: Legal Numbers and Information

Feel free to call these numbers if you confront any policing/CSIS/Security issues.

Call — reach out — you are NOT ALONE! Don’t get scared and isolate yourself, we’re all here to help you!

Arrests/detention/jail calls = 416-273-6761

Family and friends = 416-273-6781

TTY = 416-531-0060

Email: [email protected]

Read and print a copy of this important rights notice: What to do when the police come knocking


2: The Toronto Community Mobilization Network

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network (TCMN) are facilitating the G8/G20 Summit protests in Toronto. See the scheduled for the days of action here.


3: Convergence Space:

The TCMN has opened its Covergence Space at 1266 Queen Street West (just west off Noble in the same building as the Parkdale Legal Clinic (Note: building is accessible/accessible washrooms during business hours of the Parkdale Legal Clinic)



4: Suggestions on what to bring/what not to bring to a demonstration.

Let’s start with the easy stuff first…

What not to bring (just a list of possible suggestions)

1: A bad attitude

2: Knives, guns, weapons

3: Drugs or drug paraphernalia

4: Flip Flops (“trying running for your life in flip flops”) or clogs (ditto)

5: Journals or notebooks with sensitive activist material

6: Some activists suggest not to bring ID with you to a demonstration

7: Anything really expensive

8: Your dog (actually, any pet; leave them to guard your HQ)

9: Some activists suggest not to bring a  gas mask (unless you want the police to take it from you in the first 20 seconds of the demo; perhaps taking you along with the mask into the cop wagon = heat score!)

10: Cigarettes (sorry, I’m against smoking so I had to throw that in there!)

11: Anything really heavy (unless you want to lug it around all day)

What to bring (just a list of possible suggestions)

1: Your kick ass amazing self

2: Your kick ass amazing attitude

3: A camera (digital or film) to record the action for yourself; also useful to record questionable actions by the police

4: Sensible shoes (not too heavy, not too flexible)

5: Change of clothes

6: Some activists suggest bringing one piece of legal government ID to a demonstration

7: Some activists suggest bringing a pair of swimming goggles to the demonstration to protect your eyes from police deployed chemical weapons (pepper spray/tear gas/CS gas). Don’t cheap on the $5 kind, you want to be able to create a secure air tight seal around your eyes to prevent exposure to chemical weapons. Some activists suggest that you create a mix of Mallox or antacid (the consistency of soy milk) because that can help take the sting out of your eyes.

8: Some activists suggest a bandana or some other cloth to cover your nose and mouth to protect your breathing from police deployed chemical weapons (pepper spray/tear gas/CS gas). Some activists suggest soaking the bandana in malt vinegar to help take the sting off breathing in the chemical weapons.

9: Clear bottle of water (clear so everyone can see it’s just water)

10: Something you eat and share (Trust me, the revolution is gonna make you hungry so you’re gonna need something you can quickly jam down your pie hole because if the situation on the streets gets hairy, all the snack shops might be closed)

11: Camphor Soap to remove the chemical weapons from your skin and clothing (super cheap in China Town)

12: Band-aids

13: Ear Plugs (or get some free from the Council of Canadians)


5: Who you might see on the streets

1: Your buddy (bring one or find one at the convergence space, swap phone numbers and pre-arrange a meeting location if separated)

2: Your affinity group “A group of roughly 5-7 people who are in tactical agreement with each other regarding demonstrations”)

3: Your people (members of the group from the issue you’re representing)

4: The police

5: Undercover cops and agent provocateurs

6: Police horses and police dogs

7: Private Security Guards

8: Street Medics

9: Legal Observers

10: Mainstream Media

11: Alternative Media

12: People dressed in red and black with pom-poms, usually cheering (The Radical Cheerleaders)

13: People dressed in all black (The Black Bloc: I say “might” because that person might just be anti-social but you should note that dressing in all black demarks a member of the Black Bloc or anarchist movement. And yes, I’ve heard the scary claims and hysteria about how the black bloc eats babies but I’ve also personally seen members of the Black Bloc go out of their way to help other activists in trouble by providing cover and tactical know-how. The best thing about the Black Bloc is their tactical know-how since they are usually well trained, comitted and know what to do at a demo.)

<End of Part 1>

Krystalline Kraus

krystalline kraus is an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto, Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly...