This poem is called, “in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists whose lives were stolen by murderous war criminals who spin lies, black out independent media, violate international law repeatedly! repeatedly! yes, this is for them…in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists who were murdered by Israeli soldiers, in the name of TRUTH.”

as long as the israeli lunatics
float down to deck
guns blazing like a bad scene in a low budget spaghetti western
or a disney kids’ movie

as long as conventions and international laws
mean no more than the toilet paper i use every morning

for as long as democracy rhymes with hypocracy

and for as long as i wonder as i tuck my own children in,
‘how many babies are crying for their mama’s arms tonight’

and how many momas are crying for their babies

for as long as it takes for the tears to stop
for as long as it takes

with my palestinian sisters and brothers
i will dance
i will write
i will laugh
and i will love

with my palestinian brothers and sisters
i will stand
i will walk
i will march
i will speak truth
and i will sail

i will do this every day
until the collective consciousness of humanity
until this truth
is heard

if not me, then who
if not us, then who

Wendy Goldsmith

Wendy Goldsmith

Wendy Goldsmith has been a social worker in London for the past 20 years, working with children, families, newcomers, survivors of abuse and women’s groups. She is committed to promoting peace...