From the "Some News You Might Have Missed" department:

Wikileaks has released a confidential NATO document that civilian deaths from the war in Afghanistan have increased by 46 per cent over the past year.

"Coalition deaths increased by 35 per cent, assassinations and kidnappings by 50 per cent and attacks on the Kabul based Government of Hamid Karzai also more than doubled, rising a massive 119 per cent.

The report highlights huge increases on attacks aimed at Coalition forces, including a 27 per cent increase in IED attacks, a 40 per cent. rise in rifle and rocket fire and an increase in surface to air fire of 67 per cent.

According to the report, outside of the capital Kabul only one in two families had access to even the most basic health care, and only one in two children had access to a school.

The disclosure follows the unrelated arrest of Colonel Owen McNally earlier this month for passing older civilian death toll figures to Human Rights Watch analyst and former BBC radio reporter Rachel Reid. Human Rights Watch published a report based around that data, which covered 2006-2007, last September."

Matthew Adams

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