As 2010 comes to an end, and as the world commemorates the two-year anniversary of the beginning of Israel’s vicious three-week assault on Gaza, we would like to update you on our progress.

We started work in July with two goals in mind: to sail by the end of 2010 within a larger international flotilla to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and to challenge the illegal Israeli blockade.  Our intention was to challenge the blockade both internationally, and more importantly, locally within the context of the Canadian political scene by bringing awareness to the injustices facing the Palestinian people and to our government’s shameful support of Israel and its atrocities.

Over the past six months we have been working with volunteers across Canada to achieve our goals and we are very proud of our achievements and of the support we continue to receive from groups and individuals like you.

Internal organization:

Our committees are actively organizing all aspects of the project, including media, fundraising and outreach, and logistics. We have gained the support and endorsement of many individuals and over 100 respected Canadian organizations.

International coordination and departure date:

We are members of the international “Freedom Flotilla 2” (FF2), coordinated by an international coalition.  We are actively participating in international meetings, where currently there are 12 other countries represented.  Free Gaza, our original international partner, is also part of the international Freedom Flotilla initiative. We attended the FF2 meeting in Rome this month where different initiative representatives’ discussed the logistical and political issues surrounding this unprecedented international campaign.

The change of our CBG sailing date is affected by this international coalition as much as by local progress (financial and logistical). Considering that the impact of any action increases exponentially with such cooperation, we are committed to continue coordinating our work with the international coalition towards our common goal of sailing in Spring 2011.


In order to sail by this Spring’s target date, we need the continued support of Canadians like you. So far, we have surpassed $125,000 and with your help and generous contribution to our holiday campaign, we should start the new year having raised over half of our target of $300,000. If you can donate, please visit and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do so as well. If you belong to an organization (union, faith group or community organization) which could help with fundraising for CBG, please contact us at [email protected]

Boat name:

Our boat will need a suitable name and our naming campaign is still open. Please visit our website at to share your suggestions.

With your continued support and encouragement we remain steadfast and determined to reach our goal. We hope that in 2011, CBG and FF2 will play a major role in bringing justice to Gaza and Palestine.

In solidarity for peace with justice,

Canadian Boat to Gaza