Brigette dePape performing at TEDx

Kim Elliot, publisher of, noticed this video had a couple of hundred hits on June 3, 2011; a few days later, it has 51,000 plus.

Performing from her self-penned, critically acclaimed play, She Rules with Iron Stix, Brigette DePape asks whether art is an escape from real world problems or part of their solution.

A playwright since the age of 15, and a third year international development student who has contributed to sustainable development projects in Senegal and Bosnia, DePape explores the possibility of new worlds: changing our actual world through activism vs. creating new worlds through fiction. She attempts to reconcile responsibility and creativity, suggesting that plays can be a powerful tool for cultural change.

Presented at TEDxYouthOttawa on March 4, 2010 at Ashbury College in Ottawa, Canada.

Video by Adam Langlois, Creative Director, For Youth By Youth (FYBY) News