Canada rallies against election fraud

Cities across Canada erupted in protest in response to recent revelations that deceptive phone calls, also known as robocalls, were deployed to influence the outcome of the 2011 Canadian election. The admission by Elections Canada that it received 31, 000 complaints, many from citizens who had received automated messages directing them to fictional polling stations, has many Canadians upset 

Some have testified that the robocalls came from companies with ties to the Conservative party that won the election. 

This is not the first time Elections Canada has been compelled to investigate Canada’s Conservative party. As recent as February 2011, they pressed charges against four Conservative Party senators who had led Stephen Harper’s electoral campaigns in 2006 and 2008. On that occasion the Conservatives pled guilty in court and paid a fine of $52, 000. 

Many fear that with the Harper administration rapidly increasing militarism and privitization whilst erecting a drachonian U.S.-style prison-industrial-complex, that even if it is proven that the outcome of the 2011 election was the product of Conservative Party fraud, that it will be too little too late. 

I state that even though Calgary is the home city of Canada’s Prime Minister, many people are not willing to tolerate him importing George-Bush-style neo-conservatism into Canada.

The people of Calgary, Canada, rally against deceptive phone calls during election