The federal government of Canada should protect people, environment – not big oil

In this clip, Clayton Thomas-Müller shares his thoughts on how a just transition and climate justice are only possible if the federal government stands up to big oil companies. 

Crucially, Thomas-Müller says, the government must also listen to Indigenous Peoples and appreciate the knowledge they provide.

“I think the Government of Canada needs to finally start listening to Indigenous knowledge carriers and the things that we’ve been trying to share as far as climate mitigation and, especially, adaptation … And I think this is something Indigenous Peoples bring to the table when we talk about a just transition and a reorganizing of Canada’s economic model.” 

Clayton Thomas-Müller is a member of the Treaty #6-based Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, also known as Pukatawagan, located in Northern Manitoba. He is an Indigenous activist, campaigner and public speaker. He is also the author of Life in the City of Dirty Water.

This is a clip from rabble’s most recent live politics panel: ‘Will 2023 be a year of competing crises? On climate and the economy.’ The panel featured guests MP Leah Gazan, Jim Stanford, Clayton Thomas-Müller and Karl Nerenberg. With co-hosts Robin Browne and Libby Davies.

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