Common Frontiers – election delegation to Colombia

Common Frontiers went to Colombia to accompany the 2022 Presidential Elections.

The mission was in Colombia from May 21 to June 1, 2022 and was made up of delegates from Canada and the United States.

The team has years of experience monitoring elections and supporting human rights and Democratic processes in Latin American and the Caribbean:

  • Julia Zaldua,
  • Karen Jarrett,
  • Terry Gibbs,
  • Tim Bood,
  • Raul Burbano, and
  • videographer, Jase Tanner .

A special thanks to our financial sponsors who made the work possible:

  • The Public Service Alliance of Canada – Social Justice Fund
  • Steelworkers – Humanity Fund
  • The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation
  • The British Columbia General Employees’ Union
  • The Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

In addition, we recognize the invaluable support of:

  • The Permanent Committee for the Defence of Human Rights – Cali
  • Le Comité pour les droits humains en Amérique latine
  • Canada Colombia Solidarity Committee
  • The Colombia Working Group.

All reports and videos can be found here. With thanks to Karen Jarrett and Raul Burbano for their photos used here and to Malambo for the closing song.