Dick Cheney ‘unwelcomed’ in Vancouver

Video by Jase Tanner. “We’re going to keep protesting until we get a government that respects international law, takes a stand against torture,” says StopWar.ca organizer Derrick O’Keefe, September 26, 2011, at a rally to protest Dick Cheney’s book tour stop in Vancouver. Individuals paid $500 a ticket to hear Cheney speak at the event organized by Le Bon Mot, and sponsored by the Globe and Mail and others. As a confessed war criminal and supporter of torture, Human Rights Watch and others have called for his arrest under international law. The New Democratic Party of Canada has raised concerns about why the Harper government would permit Cheney’s entry to Canada.  For more see: https://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/derrick/2011/09/why-its-important-protest-dick-cheneys-visit-canada