EPIC FAIL: A short history of privatization in Ontario

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When it comes to value for money no government policy of the past 20 years has a worse track record than privatization.

The Ornge boondoggle, the gas plant scandal, Walkerton, e-Health, the Teranet fire sale, the Highway 407 giveaway, cutting corners on highway maintenance — the list goes on and on. The waste of tax dollars is in the billions.

Even so in Ontario both Liberal and PC politicians have turned time and time again to the private sector to deliver public services.

We’ve seen how privatization works. We know that when it comes to private involvement in the public sector something else is at work. That something else is the private motive.

This film looks at the cost advantages the public sector has over the private sector and why privatized services are more expensive and can be a threat to public safety. Watch it now and then share it widely.