Harperman: A protest song

Harperman is a protest song against the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Sing along with us or get your friends and sing your hearts out together. The song lyrics are posted at www.harperman.ca

Harperman is written and performed by Ottawa folksinger Tony Turner. This video was recorded in a live session on 12 June 2015.

Tony Turner earlier won the songwriting contest held in March at the Ottawa 2015 Grassroots Festival. Tony then performed Harperman at the Mayday, May 1st, 2015 Gil’s Hootenanny, Songs of Protest and Hope concert. This recording was made 6 weeks afterwards, in mid-June.

This video features Tony Turner on guitar and lead vocal, and Ann Downey on upright bass. Thanks to impressario and project manager Chris White for organizing this impromptu choir, the Crowd of Well Wishers, on short notice. 

Sound recording is by j sonier. Video recording is by Andrew Hall and Matthew Hall. Video and sound mixing is by Andrew Hall, who produced this live recording. Project manager is Chris White


Meagan Perry

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