If the B.C. government were a basketball player…

Did you know that British Columbia has the highest rate of poverty and the highest rate of child poverty in Canada?  Yet unlike six other Canadian provinces, BC has no poverty reduction plan.  That’s why about 300 organizations from across BC are standing together and saying: “There is nothing inevitable about poverty, we need a poverty reduction plan now.” The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition includes community and non-profit groups, faith groups, health organizations, First Nations and Aboriginal organizations, businesses, labour organizations and social policy groups.  Our group’s impressive diversity is a reflection of a simple fact: poverty impacts everyone.

A recent Environics poll reported that 74% of British Columbians would be more likely to support a provincial political party that pledged to make poverty reduction a high priority.  With the provincial NDP & Liberal party leadership up for grabs, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make our political leaders commit to serious action on poverty.

Now is the time to make your voice heard — please: 
* Add your name to the call for a poverty reduction plan at: http://bcpovertyreduction.ca/take-action/petition/
* Contact your MLA and tell them “I am one of the 87% of British Columbians that wants the premier to set concrete targets and timelines to reduce poverty.” You can find your MLA here:http://www.leg.bc.ca/Mla/3-1-1.htm