Indie Inside: Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper

Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper, experimental artists from the land of the living skies, consist of Joel Carignan, as the alchemist of sound production and Brandie Carignan, the poet-the-voice. Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper believes that the highest forms of human expression can be found in music and feel this should be shared democratically in order to inspire others and keep the evolution of creation ever-revolving. Therefore, the artists stream their music and offer free downloads to all fans. 

Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper takes pride in creating albums that are unique by collecting found sounds, organic music, myriads of samples that are mixed and mashed with lyrics that are relevant to today’s ever changing culture. The artists feel that because they have the ability to say something and the friendly ear of listeners, they are responsible for creating political awareness and speaking truth-their truth. 

Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper currently reside in the Atlantic coast of Canada where the rhythm of the ocean is a vast muse. They have played two live shows hosted by the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. In order to create a multimedia experience with their music they incorporate image projections and performance art as part of their live shows to maximize audience energy and participation. The artists feel that music isn’t about money or fame, but about sharing, creating and providing a unique human experience. 

Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper were founded in 2005 in the Attic of a wartime house on the plains of the lonely Saskatchewan prairies. The band had a vision that they could create never-before-heard sound, mind altering lyrics and consciousness raising experiences by cutting up sound, mixing, and adding organic instruments that was married to unique poetry and vocal. 

Every album is a unique audio treat and their sound has been likened to that of Lou Reed. The works of Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Dax Riggs, and Beck Hansen influence them. 

Betty Malaise and the mushroom-souper is currently developing new, highly unique music that is engaging by exploring unorthodox methods and approaches in sound in order to continue cultivating their identity while expanding the definition of what it means to create.

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