Jodie Giesz-Ramsay: A chance to address issues facing legal cannabis in Canada

Recently, the federal government recently launched a mandated review of the Cannabis Act. As part of this review, an online engagement process has been launched where all Canadians are invited to share their views through an online questionnaire.

In this clip, panelist Jodie Giesz-Ramsay explains how important it is for Canadians to take advantage of this opportunity to share their thoughts about what is working – and what is not working – about the legalization of cannabis in Canada today.

“Even though it can be very difficult to change such enormous things like cannabis policy – it can be overwhelming and somewhat discouraging – but it takes a lot of time and hard work to change things. And every little bit counts.”

Giesz-Ramsay has been an advocate for cannabis and civil liberties since 2004. She owns and operates Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture stores and lounges, and a hemp-themed coffee shop called Jodie’s Joint. Giesz-Ramsay has been arrested and convicted for her peaceful civil disobedience, and remains passionate about human rights and drug policy reform.

This is a clip from rabble’s most recent live politics panel: ‘Off the Hill: Big Biz Marijuana – who wins, who loses?’ The panel featured guests Jodie Giesz-Ramsay, Chuka Ejeckam and MP Don Davies. With co-hosts Robin Browne and Libby Davies.

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Jodie Giesz-Ramsay

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay (formerly Emery) is a high-profile longterm advocate for cannabis and civil liberties. Since 2004 she has engaged in many forms of activism including election campaigns, presentations...