Join us in celebrating 21 years of rabble!

rabble recently celebrated its 21st anniversary. Our editorial team reflects on this milestone and talks about the future of rabble as an independent outlet in Canada.

rabble’s managing editor Breanne Doyle states rabble’s mission as a corporate-free news site: to give power to underrepresented voices on the political left. For 21 years, rabble has been a space to advocate for lasting, progressive change.

As labour reporter Gabriela Calugay-Calusa points out, rabble’s role is critical because Canadian media caters to a privileged few. For more than two decades, rabble has challenged this narrative and centred stories resisting private interests.

The growth rabble has gone through over the past two decades is exciting, rabble publisher Kim Elliott shares. The independent news site has evolved with the times and led the way in progressive coverage. Some exciting developments worth celebrating now include partnerships with like-minded organizations and the mentorship of emerging progressive writers.

Our journalists take community-centred approaches to their reporting. rabble’s federal politics reporter Stephen Wentzell holds stakeholders accountable with his own journalistic integrity, while also serving our monthly supporters who rely on his work to stay informed.

rabble’s editor Nick Seebruch highlights rabble’s proud history of covering the labour movement in Canada. From paid sick days to protections against discrimination in the workplace, the labour movement champions workers’ rights. rabble has been closely following labour stories for decades, and we’re going to continue to do so. That’s worth celebrating!

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