Queerly political: Activism, feminism, Marxism and queer politics

How can we build a united movement that respects difference and autonomy, and also advances common struggles against oppression and exploitation? What are the linkages, and tensions, between feminism and queer politics? And how can we understand women’s liberation in the context of other movements against oppression?

Moderated by John Sharkey. A Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly coffeehouse with:

–  Johannah May Black is a PhD Student, Department of Political Science, York University and the Co-Chair of the Trans-Feminist Action Caucus, CUPE 3903.

–  Alan Sears is a member of the coordinating committee of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly (GTWA) and the Toronto New Socialists. He has been active around queer issues and has written about sexual/gender liberation from an anti-capitalist perspective. Alan teaches at Ryerson University, and his writings include “Queer Anti-Capitalism: What’s Left of Lesbian and Gay Liberation?” (Science and Society, January 2005).

Presented by the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly – Internal Education Committee.