Sea Shepherd Confronts Japanese Whaling Fleet

In the aftermath of the confrontation between the Sea Shephard Society and Japanese whalers in antarctica, video footage is released showing the aggressive tactics of the whalers.

A crewmember from the Steve Irwin was slightly injured after being struck by a high pressure water cannon fired from the Japanese whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru. One of the cameramen on one of the Steve Irwin’s inflatable boats was cut and bruised above the eye when a high pressure blast of water knocked him off his feet while he was filming.

A second crew member was also injured in the confrontation with the whalers. Laurens De Groot of the Netherlands was slightly injured when struck in the face by a metal ball thrown by whalers. Whalers onboard the Yushin Maru #3 threw solid brass and lead balls at crewmembers on one of the Steve Irwin’s inflatable boats.

Tor Sandberg

Tor Sandberg

Tor Sandberg is the program director for rabbletv. When Tor was 8 years old, the two schoolyard bullies, Allen and Roger, made up a mean little ditty about him. “Let’s tear Tor in the Northwest...