Karl Nerenberg: Social solidarity is the only way forward

The past two years have bought a variety of issues to the forefront of Canadian’s lives – serious social problems that, for the majority of the country, were previously only viewed from afar. Parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg hypothesizes that the only way forward is through social solidarity.

“One thing that has been very annoying to us here in a country like Canada, is that we have had to deal with an infectious, contagious disease that we can’t control. We keep looking for a magic bullet … but the only control is measures of social solidarity that we don’t understand.

“We’ve been so brainwashed by a self-centred, everyone-for-himself-or-herself philosophy that we are very unaccustomed to measures of social solidarity, and don’t know what to do about it. But it has been a cold shower and a strange experience. As a result, we wander around doing all sorts of hypocritical things.”

Karl Nerenberg is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker, working in both English and French languages. He is rabble’s parliamentary correspondent and a regular panelist on Off the Hill.

This is a clip from rabble’s most recent live politics panel: ‘Off the Hill: A look back to leap forward.’ From the Freedom Convoy, to major action in Canada’s labour movement, to the ongoing war in Ukraine, to political leadership races on the provincial and federal levels… Our panel reflected on 2022, a year that had no shortage of newsworthy events. Then asked: what does this mean we can expect for the year ahead?

The panel featured guests MP Leah Gazan, Chuka Ejeckam, El Jones and Karl Nerenberg. With co-hosts Robin Browne and Libby Davies.

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Karl Nerenberg

Karl Nerenberg joined rabble in 2011 to cover Canadian politics. He has worked as a journalist and filmmaker for many decades, including two and a half decades at CBC/Radio-Canada. Among his career highlights...