VIDEO: Members of CUPE 3903 vote to reject York University offer

CUPE 3903, representing teaching assistants, contract faculty, and research assistants at York, has been negotiating new contracts for its three units, all of whom have been without a contract since August 2014.

Over 1,200 members of CUPE 3903 participated in the ‘final offer’. Special General Membership Meeting on March 2, during which they voted almost 70 per cent to reject the Employer’s final offer. All three units voted to reject. These are the official results of the vote:

Ballot question: “Do you recommend the Bargaining Team to send this offer to ratification vote?”

Overall vote:

Yes: 30.96 %
No: 69.04 %

Overall turnout:

Total eligible voters: 3,728
Total votes cast: 1,208
Voter turnout: 32.40 %

Video produced by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903 at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada –


Kim Elliott

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