Video: Short trip to Attawapiskat in 2011

As of Dec. 11, 2012, Theresa Spence has undertaken a hunger strike in Ottawa. She is protesting the relative inaction of the federal government in regards to Native rights…as well as the near-gutting of environmental laws protecting all navigable waterways in Canada, with the Dec. 14, 2012 passing of Bill C-45 by the federal government…a decision that greatly affects all Canadians.

In late 2011 the Canadian media focused its attention on the poor living conditions in its northern Aboriginal communities. Attawapiskat, a serious example of 3rd world conditions in a 1st world country became a flashpoint when the Federal Government and the community leaders clashed. Seeing these events unfold on the news, Tom Jackson and a group of musicians decided they wanted to do something for the community. They added Attawapiskat as the last stop on their Christmas tour with the hope of bringing a bit of joy to the embattled community. This is a video of that short trip to Attawapiskat.