Watch live Monday! Reimagine the CBC is proud to be media sponsor for the Reimagine CBC Vancouver event, Monday, May 7. In Vancouver, you can still buy tickets. Not in Vancouver? Join us here at 7PM PST to watch this Gen Why, LeadNow and event LIVE. See full event details here.



Guests include: Christine McAvoy (local music blogger and photographer), Ivan Coyote (writer, storyteller, performer), Wade Davis (author, anthropologist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence), Darrett Martineau (independent cultural producer),  Kathleen Cross (Professor at SFU School of Communications),  Sean Devlin (of Shit Harper Did), Steve Pratt (Director of CBC Radio 3), Nettie Wild (acclaimed documentary filmmaker).

Closing Performance: Local Super Group of indie musicians. Performances by: Dan Mangan, Aidan Knight, Hannah Epperson, Zachary Gray (of the Zolas).






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