On the eve of a critical new wireless spectrum auction, we have reports that the Big Three cell phone giants (who already control almost 94 per cent of the market) are trying to trick the government into shutting independent competitors out of the market. They’re trying to block competitors from being able to use essential wireless spectrum. These giant phone companies are going so far as to use high-priced lobbyists and one is even using a fake grassroots campaign.

If the Big Three succeed, they will:

–  Squeeze independent providers out of the cell phone market.

–  Squeeze Canadians into binding longer-term contracts with disrespectful customer service.

–  Squeeze more money out of your wallet every single month through new fees on your bill.

In short, they will kill independent competition and be the only game in town. This scheme will lock Canada behind the rest of the world on mobile communications, cripple essential innovation, limit social progress, and drain your wallet every month.

Canadians already pay some of the highest cell phone fees in the industrialized world and this is going to make it worse.

We’ve heard that the industry minister is about to make a decision that could iron this cell phone nightmare into reality. Please join Canadians from across the country in signing this urgent petition to send him a message.