Activist Toolkit


Image: US Air Force
| Tools to protect yourself and demand better protections in the future.
Image: IAMAW, used with permission
| Are you trying to figure out which packages apply to you?
COVID-19 virus. Image: U.S. Army
| Some data and tools to support you and to help build a better future.
Image: Ian L/PublicDomainPictures
| A toolkit for allies.
First Nations Water Declaration
| Tools to support water advocacy.
Image Credit: Feminist Green New Deal
| Activists, including feminists, proposal for Green New Deal.
Second Anoniversary. Image: Anonymous9000/Flickr
| A guide from Tactical Tech with strategies and tools.
OECTA website, used with permission
| A new toolkit for communities fighting Ford's cut's to education
Image from Idle No More.  Wikimedia
| Building ways to educate each other
Image: Pixabay
| A great guide to help us build positivity rather than demanding it
Image PowerShift Canada/Facebook
| A new guide from the Council of Canadians
Image from Migrant Rights Network
| Next rally is on September 2, let's keep building.