Activist Toolkit


| The UCP has been ignoring and hiding this report. Make them address it.
Image: ronymichaud/Pixabay
| Using a human rights framework to advocate for safe drinking water.
Image: TryJimmy/Pixabay
| Correctional investigator of Canada report outlines concerns and possible solutions.
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| The Corporate Mapping Project maps Big Oil's political reach
Greta Thunberg at the European Parliament. Image: European Parliament/Flickr
| A great tool mapping Greta's attackers.
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| Read the report and stay tuned for analysis
Image: Pexels
| A report by the North Hastings Community Trust.
Image Credit: Natural Health News
| Some tools to learn about the risks
Image credit: The Blackbird (Jay Black) - Flickr from wikimedia
| A detailed paper from the United States breaks down actual housing costs
image by Joe Fantauzzi
| Tools to help you get behind the spin and warmongering
Labeled for reuse
| Working to help all communities across Canada implement sustainable community energy programs
sylvar flick creative commons 2.0 Images
| The statistics on what hate looks like across the country