Columnists February 21
Photo: Ian Muttoo/flickr
Lois Ross | There are many layers to farming, but there are plenty of farmers who know what is required. And they have been trying to get the message across for a long time. Will the federal government get it?
News February 20
Phillip Dwight Morgan | Indigenous writer and activist Nickita Longman offers candid reflections on Canada's hopes for reconciliation, the colonial governments of Brad Wall and Justin Trudeau, and more uncomfortable truths.
Blog February 20
Caroline Biotteau | One would expect Quebec politicians to be guarded with respect to relations with the Israeli government. This could not be more wrong.
Blog February 20
J. Baglow | A co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Toronto has attracted some criticism recently for comments she has made. Maybe it's time to criticize the critics.
Blog February 20
David J. Climenhaga | How much of the vile, threatening commentary about Alberta's NDP and its leaders, especially women, originates with right-wing nuts from outside Alberta?
Blog February 17
Gerry Caplan | The Trudeau government is looking for a new Africa strategy. Surely telling the truth about who is ripping off whom would be a very constructive way to begin.
Blog February 17
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta voters are likely to have an opportunity soon to demonstrate whether or not they’ve been paying attention. After all, anything can happen in a by-election!
Columnists February 17
Murray Dobbin | Pro-Israeli government policy is built on a foundation of untested assumptions about Canadian attitudes. A new EKOS poll reveals this to be convenient but quite false.
Columnists February 16
Linda McQuaig | While Trudeau's persona of a progressive internationalist has won him kudos at home and abroad, his staunch support for Israel at the UN has left Canada significantly offside with public opinion.
Columnists February 17
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Rick Salutin | Smartness has subtly insinuated itself everywhere -- except, apparently, among voters. Smart won't ever replace fair; that's just stupid.
Columnists February 17
Retiree Matters, Doug Macpherson | While changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) recently adopted by the current federal Liberal government offer some improvement, they do not go far enough.
Blog February 15
Image: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter
J. Baglow | By conceding Canadian sovereignty to American border officials, the Trudeau government has crossed a bridge.