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Your favourite 2009 rabble interviews, features and commentaries

| April 29, 2010
Best of rabble

Best of 3

by Jenn Watt, ed.

The latest -- and greatest -- volume of the much loved Best of book series is here, hot off the presses!

In what has become an annual tradition, this third "best of" is a pocket-sized reader featuring the best stories in the last year from rabble's news and features section. Highlights include interviews with rabble rousers and thinkers like Tariq Ali, George Galloway and Denis Rancourt; stories of silenced dissent -- many that were donated by activists doing double-duty to both organize and cover events, protests and struggle underreported or ignored entirely by the mainstream press.

"Stories matter. The stories we are told (and tell) help to define our communities" write publishers Kim Elliott and Duncan Cameron in the foreword to the latest edition of the Best of And telling stories that define's community is exactly what the book aims to do.

Web content is fleeting and rarely captured in print form. With this book hopes to share with its community -- the contributors, readers, members, donors -- a historical record and evidence of how far the site has come, now in its ninth year, to provide "news for the rest of us."