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rabble.ca series - UP! Canadian Labour Rising

UP! Canadian Labour Rising is a series that examines how Canada's labour movement is evolving and asks important questions facing the labour movement today. How do we organize, build consensus and energize the grassroots to build the campaigns and undertake the strategies necessary to win? This series is meant to spark debate, create dialogue, encourage discussion. UP! is curated by guest editor Nora Loreto.


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Nov 26 2014 | by Justin W.C. Kong | From precarious existence to organized resistance: My life as a temp agency worker at Rogers.
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Oct 16 2014 | by Hans Rollman | In a country characterized by increasingly confrontational labour relations, an unlikely story of cooperation and negotiation emerges. Are there lessons for the rest of the country?
Jul 29 2014 | by Michael Stewart | In Vancouver, activists from all manner of grassroots movements have organized themselves under a socialist banner called the "Left Front," and they're aiming to change the face of municipal politics.
Jul 15 2014 | by Jesse Cullen |, | by Tiffany Balducci | In one of the birthplaces of the Canadian labour movement, We Are Oshawa is reconnecting with its namesake's deep social unionist roots.
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Jul 2 2014 | by Scott Sinclair |, | by Stuart Trew | Saying no to international trade agreements is not saying no to trade. Once Canadians appreciate how damaging the free trade agenda is to workers, the tables can be turned.
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Jun 11 2014 | by David Bush | For the first time in CLC history an incumbent presidential candidate was defeated. The house of labour has its first new president in 15 years, but what does that really mean for the labour movement?
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Jun 3 2014 | by Denise Martins | How can the labour movement unite and broaden its reach? The Ontario Common Front, a project of the OFL, might be part of the answer to this question.
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May 27 2014 | by Mark Rowlinson | You might have heard that the labour movement is in decline, but you might be surprised by how little the numbers have dropped.
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May 20 2014 | by Pam Frache | A decent minimum wage is not just a youth issue. About one million workers earn less than $14.25/hour and more than 60 per cent are adults over 25.
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May 13 2014 | by Rebecca Rose | Young labour leaders abound in Nova Scotia. Not so in the rest of Canada. Rebecca Rose writes about Nova Scotia's young labour leaders, and what keeps the movement vibrant.