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Photo: flickr/ Dave Cournoyer
Alberta austerity: Will Jim Prentice change the tax advantage? | Mar 25 2015 | James Wilt | Alberta's facing what will likely be a frighteningly austere budget on March 26. But it doesn't have to be this way! Tweaks in personal and corporate income tax could save marginalized Albertans.
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
The law of mobilization and the defeat of Stephen Harper | Mar 24 2015 | Duncan Cameron | It is a law of politics: to make things happen, people have to be mobilized. The political party that succeeds is the one that builds support, and gets people to vote for it.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Beyond dirty politics: Harperism threatens democracy itself | Mar 23 2015 | Ralph Surette | It's getting worse. Stephen Harper is now serving notice that he's willing to tear the social fabric of the country apart if that's what it takes to get his party re-elected.
Harper vs. Canada: Putting the Conservative Record on Trial | Mar 19 2015 | Victoria Fenner | rabble's Parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg launches a new book on Harper, as part of a panel in Ottawa, with Maude Barlow and author Mark Bourrie.
Photo: Dave Cournoyer/flickr
Justin Trudeau lifted the veil on political tactics in C-51 speech | Mar 13 2015 | Rick Salutin | A speech Justin Trudeau gave in Vancouver last week was one of the most unusual ever from an elected official -- because he let voters in on his grotty tactics, not his high-minded principles.
Photo: flickr/Ian Burt
Cutting the crud: Debunking five Big Oil myths | Mar 12 2015 | Steve Cornwell | Five responses to community, economic and environmental myths propagated by the Canadian oil industry and the Harper government.
"Brigette DePape" by Tomoir III - Flickr: Photo: Brigette Marcelle DePape. Licen
We are young voters, and we are here to recruit you | Mar 9 2015 | Ashley Splawinski | A new campaign is here to take the young people who ignored the ballot boxes last time around and transform them into voters, in time for the next federal election.
Sign on to UpforDebate’s petition for a debate that speaks to women | Mar 8 2015 | Take action if you want a debate on women's issues in the 2015 federal election
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Harper surrenders to ISIS (or how the left should talk about terrorism) | Mar 5 2015 | Marc Zwelling | Harper insists the public supports his anti-terrorism policies, but there is a different story in the polls. So how should Harper's opponents take him on, using public opinion findings?
How do we get real political debate this federal election? | Mar 4 2015 | Doug Howat | What is a useful measure of a leader? Is it regurgitating talking points on live TV or a focus on actual real change and solutions?
Catch 22 Campaign website shutting down | Mar 1 2015 | Gary Shaul | The Catch 22 Campaign was one of several strategic voting initiatives in the 2011 federal election. C22 will not be doing a repeat in 2015.
A Modest Proposal for progressive cooperation in Alberta | Mar 1 2015 | Susan Wright | Sacrificing party loyalty? A small price to pay for humanity, surely.

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Ont Liberals ask Integrity Commissioner to investigate NDP Jagmeet Singh for conflict on interest terrytowel said... Apparently he allegedly used his constituency office to promote Thomas Mulcair rally More details...
Mulcair opposes C-51 while Trudeau folds like a cheap suit 2 NorthReport said... Excellent! The Chicken Little-in-chief The media share a measure of the blame for this — for...
Trudeau = Harper with a smile 2 ygtbk said... I loved their work in "Carry On Up The Rideau". You just don't see comedy like that any more. in
Latest polling thread Feb. 25th, 2015 terrytowel said... Just in case adma misses my response. adma wrote Quote: And a checkmate compounded by how P-HP was...
Don’t allow yourself to be ruled over Todrick of Chatsworth said... With the upcoming election, gain your right to be free. Don't vote at all, do not submit to this...
Proportional Representation: Let's make 2015 the last unfair election Brachina said...  Hugh Segal was wasted on the Tories and Senate. in
Sudbury by-election part 2 robbie_dee said... Jeez, the vote was a week ago. in
Women Candidates - 2015 Election terrytowel said... Talk around Ottawa circles is that PC leadership candidate and MPP Lisa McLeod will withdraw from...
Plan B for the Conservatives - Use Terrorism as a Wedge Issue Against the Opposition From Now Until Election Day terrytowel said... This is why I'm so apethetic about politics right now. Watch for the Conservatives to use terrorism...
The case against strategic voting in the next federal election Pondering said... I see this argument raised in so many discussions I thought it worthy of its own thread: With...

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Council of Canadians
Injunction filed against key sections of the 'Fair' Elections Act
The Canadian Federation of Students, the Council of Canadians, and three voters have applied for an injunction to suspend key provisions of the "Fair" Elections Act for the upcoming federal election.

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