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Photo: flickr/Keith Ivey
How to vote under Harper's Fair Elections Act | Aug 3 2015 | Megan Devlin | Don't let your vote get suppressed -- learn what ID is acceptable under Harper’s Fair Elections Act.
Stephen Harper
This just in: PM calls early election … I mean, calls election early … What could possibly go wrong? | Aug 3 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Could Prime Minister Stephen Harper be asking, this time, too much of an electorate he treats like a bunch of dummies? Naw… What could possibly go wrong?
If I email something that is partisan, am I a "third party advertiser"? | Aug 3 2015 | Find out using this plain language guide to the new election rules
Harper throws stones, shatters own glass house | Aug 3 2015 | Scott Piatkowski | Stephen Harper has called the Quebec NDP caucus, the "most inefficient, ineffective group we've ever seen"
The writ has been dropped. What's rabble going to do about it? | Aug 2 2015 | rabble staff | The election campaigning is on in earnest. For the next 11 weeks, rabble.ca is your go to source for progressive news, features, discussions and all the tools you need to make this election count.
Image: flickr/Itzafineday
Cheat to win, the Harper electoral game plan | Aug 2 2015 | Duncan Cameron | Harper knows that if he wins a minority government the other parties will be in no position to fight another election soon. That is the weakness in his plan the opposition parties need to exploit.
Image: rabble.ca
The campaign has started and all parties have records to defend | Aug 2 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The election campaign is officially on, and, as NDP and official opposition leader Tom Mulcair predicted more than a year ago, it is a three-way race.
Olivia Chow
Confused facts, misdirected rants: Salutin attacks Chow on child-care | Aug 1 2015 | Christopher Majka | Does Olivia Chow bear responsibility for the demise of the national child-care plan of 2005? The Toronto Star's Rick Salutin seems to think so. Let's look at the history and the facts.
Five terrorism sound bites for Rob Nicholson and the Conservatives | Aug 1 2015 | Scott Vrooman | The foreign affairs minister has asked bureaucrats to provide him with three terrorism-related statements per week. Here are five, on the house.
Photo: flickr/ thetaxhaven
Canada is losing billions. Will the NDP and Liberals unite to fight tax avoidance? | Jul 31 2015 | Paul Weinberg | Corporations and the wealthy are storing billions in offshore bank accounts. This legal tax avoidance is losing Canada billions. What can we do?
Photo: Peter Blanchard/flickr
Can the NDP and Liberals differentiate themselves enough to beat Harper? | Jul 31 2015 | Rick Salutin | This election, for two-thirds of Canadians, shouldn't have to be about a choice between two flawed opposition parties who don't differ on much. It should be a choice between Harper and not-Harper.
Photo: flickr/ Stephen Harper
Harper can't be trusted. It's time to vote him out | Jul 31 2015 | Mike Palecek | The Harper Conservatives cannot be trusted to follow the rules. They have cheated in every federal election they have won. Now it's time to vote against them.

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2015 babble election round-up Slumberjack said... Why not?  There's this thread.  My blurb's a bit terse...consisting only of those five...
Harper to call election as early as Sunday jerrym said... With Harper calling the election early (probably Sunday), the Cons will be able to spend a lot more...
August 6 leaders debate sherpa-finn said... So next week will be the first leaders debate, effectively kicking off the 2015 Election Campaign....
Is the Liberal Party progressive? Misfit said... The Liberals are definitely not progressive IMO. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives are backed...
Tom Mulcair's Wife Has Decided to Take Her Husband's Surname For Elxn Campaign terrytowel said... When Catherine Pinhas married Thomas Mulcair she decided to keep her maiden name. She is a woman of...
L'actualité interview with Tom Mulcair on Energy East NorthReport said... Mulcair on Energy East: ‘We are against that pipeline’ Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have finally...
Censorship of political opinion as we head into an election ygtbk said... Well, obviously censorship of political opinion is a bad thing. Please let us know more... in
Latest polling thread July 14, 2015 NorthReport said... NDP Campaign Ad: “Enough" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmmSV1jtK3s   Most recent poll...
Can the NDP's Noah Richler knock off Liberal Carolyn Bennett in Toronto-St. Paul? terrytowel said... What will it take for Noah Richler to BEAT Carolyn Bennett in Toronto-St. Pauls? http://www.thestar...
Who would fit the bill as the NDP's first finance minister? terrytowel said... Oops mispelled the word Finance above, oh well. My apologizes. According to a story in the Globe...


Fri, Sep 11, 2015
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Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Opposition parties call for halt to home mail delivery cuts until election
Opposition party leaders are calling on the Prime Minister to instruct Canada Post to stop removing home mail delivery until the upcoming federal election.

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