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Election 2015: Where do the parties stand on climate change | Oct 13 2015 | two great guides to evaluate party positions.
Photo: flickr/ Billy Wilson
What would a truly ecologically sustainable economy look like? | Oct 13 2015 | Tania Ehret | Who is really benefiting when we speak about economic growth? David Suzuki and Peter Victor discuss economic strategies and the environmental movement at a panel in Vancouver.
Lubicon Cree Nation turns to solar power to end fossil fuel nightmare | Oct 13 2015 | Melina Laboucan-Massimo | After dealing with 30 years of intensive oil, gas, logging, fracking and tar sands exploitation in its homeland, the Lubicon Cree Nation has chosen to forge a new future and become powered by the sun.
More than 1,000 demand rail safety and end to oil-by-rail in Lac Mégantic | Oct 13 2015 | Roger Annis | "No to death trains!" and "Bye bye Harper!" were among the slogans chanted at Oct 11 march in Lac Mégantic demanding rail safety.
Ottawa continues to pander to Canadian mining, despite endemic violence in local communities | Oct 13 2015 | Jennifer Moore | People are being killed, kidnapped and extorted around Canadian mine sites in Mexico, but the Canadian Embassy is not worried.
Sign the science pledge! | Oct 10 2015 | A strong democracy needs strong science. Sign the pledge.
Join CPAWS fight for your parks campaign! | Oct 10 2015 | Help CPAWs create a buzz to help Fight For Your Parks!
Water: Issue guide to what ought to be a number one election issue | Oct 9 2015 | Key facts about this issue
Photo: flickr/ Gordon McDowell
Six reasons the Greens are Canada's most progressive party | Oct 9 2015 | David Taub Bancroft | If the NDP and the Liberals truly want to defang the Greens, they could start by adopting their policies.
After the sands: Demand less | Oct 9 2015 | Gordon Laxer | In this final instalment of exclusive excerpts from Gordon Laxer's new book After the Sands: How to survive a resource-limited future.
The real legacy of Stephen Harper | Oct 8 2015 | Meg Borthwick | Canada has an international reputation for justice and environmental protection. But do we really deserve it, especially after nine years under the Harper government? Nope!
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
Albertans support climate action: Lessons for the next federal government | Oct 8 2015 | Seth Klein | The Pembina Institute conducted a poll with EKOS Research, assessing support for climate action among Albertans. The results are fascinating and hopeful.

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Favourite housing and planning policies (all parties) Mr. Magoo said... I think that you often start threads that probably should be the kindling for bigger fires, but...
Do Liberal supporters have the right to expect the party to have a "this far, and no further" point on the rightward shift? mark_alfred said... Since there's so many Liberals here now, I figured I'd make a parallel thread to the similarly...
Pemberton Music Festival visitors left B.C. campground covered in garbage Todrick of Chatsworth said... Pemberton Music Festival visitors left B.C. campground covered in garbage  http://www.cbc.ca/...
Soil Doug Woodard said... We're treating our soil like dirt. It's a fatal mistake... - Monbiot: http://gu.com/p/47vg4/sbl...
Environmental Defence rates the parties on climate change mark_alfred said... From the site: Quote:The scorecard shows that the NDP is promising the most ambitious carbon...
ITUC calls global union climate summit (Paris 2015) NDPP said... Capitalism Threatens All Life on the Planet http://dissidentvoice.org/2015/05/capitalism-threatens-...
Investment tip: Green Energy Rikardo said... Rght on. I read that most of the new investment is wind or sun. But regulation is important. in
Québec: Manifeste pour un élan global Unionist said... Here it is - and I think I'll quote it in full! But go to the website if you wish to sign the...
Connection between C-51 and Aboriginal and labour rights KenS said... There is quite a bit of discussion of this in aboriginal-oriented Facebook groups (and presumably...

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Sierra Club of Canada
Do oil and whales mix?
Last week, the heads of Canada's largest environmental organizations, met in New Brunswick to discuss the Bay of Fundy and the Energy East Pipeline.

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