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Capitalism Itself Choosing Sides
Capitalism itself choosing sides | Jan 17 2017 | Daryn Caister | Interview with Nathan Phillips from Boston University about "Sleeping Giants," a Twitter group that is pressuring brands advertising on hate sites like Brietbart.
Image: Colin Smith
Supreme Court ruling in Ernst fracking case poses threat to Charter rights | Jan 14 2017 | Emma Lui | Today the Supreme Court of Canada rejected Alberta landowner Jessica Ernst's legal challenge to sue the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for denying her right to freedom of expression under the Canadian
Jason Kenney
The Jason Syndrome: Conservative candidate melts down over Hollywood star in bid to derail NDP strategy that's working | Jan 13 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Thank you, Jane Fonda! Former Harper minister touts celebrity visit to prop up implausible argument that visibly effective NDP climate strategy doesn't actually work.
Photo credit: Kristen Fahrig
On wildness: Community and control in urban green space | Jan 13 2017 | Ava Lightbody | The wild and wayward life of a tiny, disproportionately lively square of parkland in Toronto's west end has a lesson to teach us about the rewards of relinquishing control.
People Powered: The Activists Behind Vancouver’s Climate Justice Movement | Jan 12 2017 | Victoria Fenner | Rebecca Visser looks at what drives Vancouver-based activists in their fight for climate justice. Produced as part of the "Making Time for Radio" project of Simon Fraser's CJSF Radio.
We can learn so much from nature | Jan 11 2017 | David Suzuki | Biomimicry has inspired applications ranging from producing energy through artificial photosynthesis to building lightweight support structures based on the properties of bamboo.
Public transit advocacy in a smaller city | Jan 11 2017 | Scott Neigh | Mairi Anderson and Cam McMillan talk about the work of transit advocacy group Bus Riders of Saskatoon.
Ell Williams tests out Local Motors' 3D printed Strati
Women leading energy innovation inside the U.S. government | Jan 9 2017 | Joan Michelson | The U.S. military is the world's biggest consumer of energy, and Katherine Hammack has spent six years working to make it more energy-efficient.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/David Rydevik
It's time to heed warnings about humanity's collision course | Jan 4 2017 | David Suzuki | Like Pope Francis's 2015 encyclical, the "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity" was an attempt to galvanize the world to recognize the implications of humanity's path and the urgent need for change.
Photo: Julia Kilpatrick, Pembina Institute/flickr
Canada-China FTA talks could have massive implications for water use | Jan 4 2017 | Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government says talks toward a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement could begin as early as February 2017.
Don MacIntyre
Alberta's carbon tax: Science is political when it doesn't suit Wildrose agenda; politics is scientific when it does | Jan 3 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's conservative parties are so mired in their market fundamentalist ideology that, ironically, they have no time for the marketplace of ideas.
Photo: JMacPherson/flickr
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to challenge Enbridge Line 3 pipeline approval in Federal Court | Jan 3 2017 | Brent Patterson | On the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, he also announced his government's approval of the lesser-known Enbridge Line 3 pipeline.

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Mining Watch
Mount Polley Disaster Stunner: Federal Government Moves To Stop MiningWatch Presenting Evidence To Court
The 2014 Mount Polley Mine disaster had a huge ecological impact. The federal Crown announced that it is moving to stay MiningWatch’s charges against the B.C. government and Mount Polley. Take Action.

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