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The search for a national clean energy policy in Canada | Jan 26 2015 | Brendan Haley | The ideal policy response to Canada's regional diversity involves implementing geographically specific clean energy transition policies. It does not involve giving up on national carbon pricing.
National Forum on Clean Energy and Industry -- Part 1 | Jan 26 2015 | Victoria Fenner | Friday October 3, 2014: A panel discussion on renewable energy and clean technology in Canada.
Animal rights film garners four Canadian Screen Awards' nominations | Jan 24 2015 | John Bonnar | The Ghosts in Our Machine was nominated for four Canadian Screen Awards during a press conference held on January 13 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox cultural centre in Toronto.
Despite settlement, chief culprits of Lac-Mégantic disaster still insist 'It wasn't us' | Jan 23 2015 | Roger Annis | A settlement of $200 million has been reached, but some of the largest companies involved in the disaster are not contributing.
25,000 people protest GMOs, CETA and TTIP in Berlin on January 17. Twitter photo
EU food safety commissioner doesn't see majority support for TTIP in national parliaments | Jan 22 2015 | Brent Patterson | The EU food safety commissioner says that there are no signs of majority support in EU national parliaments for the U.S.-EU TTIP because of public concerns about food and environmental safety.
Protect the Sacred Headwaters: Stop Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine | Jan 22 2015 | Leila Darwish | Imperial Metals, the mining company responsible for the ongoing Mount Polley Mine disaster, will be seeking the final permit to open its controversial Red Chris Mine in the Sacred Headwaters of B.C.
Tsal'alh elders in sacred dress
B.C. First Nation bans bottled water and becomes first Indigenous 'Blue Community' | Jan 22 2015 | Maude Barlow | Tsal'alh adopted a resolution with the three criteria needed to become a Blue Community: recognizing of the human right to water, banning bottled water and promoting public water services.
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What does the falling price of oil mean for the pipelines we oppose? | Jan 20 2015 | Brent Patterson | Will the falling price of oil affect the construction of the proposed Energy East, Trans Mountain, Northern Gateway and other pipelines?
The 'Greatest Canadian Migration': The Tar Sands Pipeline (wink) | Jan 20 2015 | Keith Brooks | The tar sands are no laughing matter but this video sure is.
The fire-worshippers: A parable of oil and consumption | Jan 20 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | Imagine a society -- technically advanced, but spiritually impoverished -- that has been taken over by a fire-worshipping cult. Can the world free itself from its domination?
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Oil prices drop as global warming rises | Jan 20 2015 | David Suzuki | Plunging oil prices mean industry is putting the brakes on oilsands expansion -- bad news for businesses in Fort McMurray and those heavily invested in the industry but good news for the planet.
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Canada's Choice 2015: Greens offer detailed policies on the environment -- and more | Jan 20 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Elizabeth May's Green Party provides the most detail on climate change and the environment of any party. The Greens also propose some novel and intriguing ideas on social and economic policy.

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Megan Leslie Contender Adam T said... She's already one of the three deputy leaders. in
Cons reject heavy-truck sideguard bill Sineed said... I just drove the Windsor to Toronto corridor this past week and was heartened to see a lot of...
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois donates G-G prize to group fighting TransCanada pipeline Unionist said... His prize was $25,000, and the total right now is $185,186 $204,298!! GND is my hero. He never sold...
The struggle for Burnaby Mountain epaulo13 said... Dramatic arrest of Kinder Morgan protesters met with defiance and pride (VIDEOS) Brigette DePape, a...
Conservative Cabinet to ratify Canada-China FIPA, with the Liberals cheering them on. Brachina said...  Biggest surprise about that vote is that there is still a Bloc ;p in
Mt. Polley mine disaster -- Imperial Metals tailings pond rupture kropotkin1951 said... I have been following the story on the Tyee since it broke. They have published many good in depth...
Heatwave! Mr.Tea said... Toronto is brutal today as well. Hudmid as can be and they say we could get thunderstorms later in
Enforcing 5 metre rule in Montreal - no cars parked at corners Unionist said... Yeah, that was an important move by Verdun IMO, should be done everywhere. And don't get me started...
The CRAP the bourgeois press disseminates KenS said... The article is dumb, at best. Being concerned with insrance and consumerism in general. But it...
Spring is here -- official announcement DaveW said... ... although pending amendments to the Constitution regarding the situation in, among other places...

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Council of Canadians
B.C.'s Tsal'alh becomes first Blue Indigenous Community
Tsal'alh has joined the 15 Blue Communities in Canada and three international Blue Communities, in Switzerland and Brazil, that are taking action to ensure the human right to water is respected.

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