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Carbon dioxide: pollutant or plant food? | Sep 28 2016 | David Suzuki | No matter what contradictory and easily debunked nonsense deniers spread, climate change is real, humans are contributing to it and it will be catastrophic if we do little or nothing to address it.
Photo: Andrée Lévesque
Montreal citizens strike a blow against gentrification with Parc Madeleine-Parent | Sep 27 2016 | Andrée Lévesque | Activist Madeleine Parent has been honoured with a new park thanks to the determination of the citizens of a working-class district where, in 1943, she started her career as a union organizer.
Photo: Amy Templeman/flickr
'Gold with yield': A primer on land-grabbing | Sep 27 2016 | Lois Ross | Land use, access to agricultural land, and who stewards land, are key issues in food production. Land-grabbing is a growing concern because it determines not only access but also how land is used.
Image: Flickr/Environment and Climate Canada
By sticking with Harper climate targets, Trudeau flinches at chance to show leadership | Sep 26 2016 | Michelle Mech | Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has admitted that the Liberals are not going to strengthen Stephen Harper's emissions targets -- despite pledging to slow climate change at COP21 Paris summit.
Scientists declare new geological epoch, the Anthropocene | Sep 26 2016 | Redeye Collective | Geologists say that humanity’s impact on the earth has been so profound that it’s ushered in a whole new, deeply unstable, geological era, which they are calling the Anthropocene.
Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington
Wild Pacific salmon face an upstream battle for survival | Sep 21 2016 | David Suzuki | A weak provincial climate plan that fails to meet emissions targets and acceptance of new ocean-based fish farm applications won't help wild salmon.
Photo: Howl Arts Collective/flickr
'Yes, logging introduces mercury!' New revelations from Grassy Narrows | Sep 21 2016 | Mark Calzavara | Stunning revelations came to light last week that top environment officials in the Ontario government knew that clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows territory would increase mercury levels in fish.
Indigenous peoples' struggles and resistance | Sep 21 2016 | Victoria Fenner | Building solidarity for land, self-determination and justice.
Lord of the Resources
Lord of the resources | Sep 19 2016 | Daryn Caister | Environmental Lawyer Barbora Grochalova joins us to talk about Ontario and the Western Climate Initiative. This market approach means to hopefully limit carbon emissions, but will it?
In a world breaking monthly temperature records, advertising cars should be criminal | Sep 16 2016 | Yves Engler | Car advertisers have conquered nearly every sphere of human consciousness. In a world breaking monthly temperature records, they should be illegal.
Dawn in the Anthropocene
Welcome to the Anthropocene, are environmentalists equipped to respond? | Sep 15 2016 | Roger Annis | Capitalism has run so amok, producing so much waste and life-destroying pollution, that scientists now say that Earth has entered an entirely new epoch: the Anthropocene.
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Ecuadorians in Toronto court to seek justice from Chevron | Sep 15 2016 | Rachel Small | "We want justice. We want to repair the damage this company has caused in our country. We will not allow this case to move forward with impunity."

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Council of Canadians
More than 50 groups urge Trudeau to stop pipeline reviews and overhaul NEB
More than 50 groups have sent a letter to Trudeau and Minister Carr urging the government to overhaul the National Energy Board before it decides how to proceed with the two proposed oil pipelines.

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