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What happens after COP21 is what matters most | Nov 27 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | Adaptation to climate change is squarely on the global policy agenda. How nations pledge to fight climate change at the Paris climate summit will determine the world's fate.
Photo: flickr/ World Resources Institute
The biggest man-made environmental disaster preceding the Paris climate conference | Nov 27 2015 | Thuy Anh Phan | During the Paris climate talks, there will undoubtedly a lot of rhetoric about coming together and unifying for the earth. Can we start by addressing the man-made forest fires in Indonesia?
Stop the Trojan treaty – Brussels 04/02/15 Friends of the Earth Europe/Lode Said
Trade deals could lock in fossil fuel exports to Europe | Nov 27 2015 | Brent Patterson | The Natural Resources Defense Council has projected that Europe could be receiving 700,000 barrels of tar sands bitumen a day by 2020, thanks to trade deals like CETA and TTIP.
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Looking under the hood of Alberta's new climate plan | Nov 26 2015 | Marc Lee | The Notley government deserves praise for putting meaningful climate policies on the table, and some slack for needing to make the package politically palatable.
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Trudeau dodges question about duty to consult outside of NEB pipeline process | Nov 26 2015 | Brent Patterson | The review of laws, policies and practices for energy projects must be done in partnership and consultation with Indigenous peoples, to ensure that the Crown is meeting its consultation obligations.
Photo: flickr/ Premier ministre du Canada
Be a fan, not a cheerleader for Canada at the Paris climate conference | Nov 26 2015 | Cam Fenton | For the first time in a decade, Canada wants to be on the right side of history when it comes to climate change. But Canada needs more than a new look to its government, it needs real change.
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Fossil fuel lobby seen as main threat to meaningful progress at Paris climate talks | Nov 26 2015 | Nick Fillmore | The fossil fuel lobby has been able to insert themselves into the UN climate summit. But should they be allowed at the table if they're trying to burn it down?
La Via Campesina demonstrate in Copenhagen
Indigenous wisdom and spirituality indispensable for climate justice | Nov 26 2015 | John Dillon | As the Paris climate conference approaches, amplifying the voices of Indigenous peoples is the most important role KAIROS can play.
Vancouver aims to rival Ottawa at Sunday's Global Climate March | Nov 26 2015 | Brad Hornick | While many are aware of a large climate demonstration gaining steam in Ottawa, planned this Sunday, a large crowd is also expected in Vancouver after considerable groundwork by local organizations.
The push for divestment in Canadian universities | Nov 26 2015 | Jen Halsall | Canada can't justify its reliance on the tar sands forever -- are our post secondary institutions ready to make the shift?
Canada needs real action for climate justice | Nov 25 2015 | Jesse McLaren | Is it possible to achieve climate justice, support Indigenous communities, welcome migrants, stop Islamophobia and defend civil liberties? It's 100 per cent possible.
Photo: Council of Canadians
UN climate summit may be used to greenwash Canada's tar sands | Nov 25 2015 | Brent Patterson | Is it possible that the COP 21 climate summit could be used as a moment to promote the tar sands and export pipelines?

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Alberta climate panel's report achieves the right balance
The report makes sensible recommendations that, once implemented, will make significant impacts on Alberta's greenhouse gas emissions and provide real solutions.

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