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Shalyn Ferdinand
Black and trans voices frustrated by lack of inclusion in Vancouver Women's March | Jan 24 2017 | Tessa Vikander | Organizers of Vancouver's Women's March on Washington express remorse at lack of communication, while omission sparks wider conversation of inclusive organizing.
What's a homeless life worth? | Jan 24 2017 | Cathy Crowe | Citizen advocacy for emergency shelter exposes shocking and negligent inaction of politicians.
Image: Instagram/michelle_crowe
The revolution is messy and incomplete. But last weekend, it was born. | Jan 24 2017 | Sophia Reuss | The "Anti-Inauguration" protest and Women's March on Washington provide hope that a global, inclusive left can finally fight neoliberalism and oppression together.
Women, abstracted: The political performativity of indignation | Jan 23 2017 | Raluca Bejan | Ideologically, we are not in an era where "pussy grabbing" could ever get institutionalized. Yet aggressive immigration enforcement and a registry of Muslim residents could be written into the law.
Women's March signs, A woman's place is in the resistance
Millions march to tell Trump: Tweet women with respect | Jan 23 2017 | Penney Kome | Overwhelming turnout for "sister" Women's Marches bodes well for International Women's Day celebrations.
Image: Flickr/VeryBusyPeople
Five types of people who marched on Washington this weekend -- or stayed home | Jan 23 2017 | Ishani Weera | Here are five types of broad perspectives that we noticed on social media over the weekend. Each had something valuable to add to the ongoing discussion on the nature of solidarity and resistance.
How to resist Trump(ism)
How to resist Trump(ism) | Jan 23 2017 | Daryn Caister | We discuss ideas for how to resist the incoming Trump inauguration. Stefan shares some ideas sent in to us by listeners. Daryn also suggests some tempting options that you should absolutely NOT do.
'Today, let us commit to speaking out for those whose voices may not be as loud': Samaah Jaffer at Vancouver's Women's March | Jan 23 2017 | Samaah Jaffer | rabble's B.C. Editor Samaah Jaffer addressed some 15,000 people who came out to the Women's March in Vancouver to oppose the new misogynist in the White House.
Rear Side of Winnipeg Free Press Building
Lobby your MP to take action on mass surveillance, Bill C-51 and press freedom! | Jan 19 2017 | Canadian Journalists for Free Expression | January 23 to 27 is national lobbying week on mass surveillance, Bill C-51 and press freedom. We need you to participate.
Empowering girls and young women in Nova Scotia | Jan 18 2017 | Scott Neigh | Susan Brigham and Cassandra McDonald talk about the Girls 2017 Conference happening in Halifax in March.
Pink hat demo photo from http://latestnewsheadlines.ddns.net/news/the-womens-mar
Resistance, to the inauguration and beyond | Jan 17 2017 | Fran Luck | March, strike and flood the streets are three plans for resisting the inauguration. On this show, many voices say (and sing) why and how they have resisted and plan to resist.
WATCH: Art Manuel on the struggle for Indigenous rights and sovereignty | Jan 17 2017 | Democracy Now! | Art Manuel speaks with Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman about the struggle for Indigenous rights and sovereignty in the context of the G20 summit in 2010.

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Françoise David of Québec solidaire stands down in Gouin alan smithee said... Terrible news and a real blow to the progressive movement in Québec. I hope her successor is...
January 21 demonstrations in your town or city KenS said... There is one in Halifax in
Rachel Notley or Jane Fonda? Mighty Middle said... Jane Fonda makes her case about stopping Oil Sands development below https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
NB NDP Leader Resigns Amid Unhappiness With Fed Party Position On Syria Mighty Middle said... Portion of Dominic Cardy statement The NDP is a one-stop shop. When you join the provincial NDP you...
Canadian arms exports to Saudi Arabia ignore the Elephant in the Room NDPP said... Canada Defends Record $11B Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia in Court http://rt.com/news/371151-canada-arms...
Home Sweet Home: civil disobedience in Ireland to protest homelessness mark_alfred said... Interesting action in Ireland. News article:  http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/act-of-...
Support Bill C-228 - End open-pen salmon farming in BC mark_alfred said... Here's a site to help you send a letter to your MP in support of Fin Donnelly's Bill.  http://...
Why politicians must explain there are costs and sacrifices needed to combat climate change Sean in Ottawa said... I think it may be even better if this thread could focus on how to build that communication to...
Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions Mr. Magoo said... I'm not saying this to heckle, but realistically, how important do you think that Israel/Palestine...
Late in life, Michel Foucault developed a curious sympathy for neoliberalism little eiffel said... One can, of course, lament the statist form in which social security is managed, or say, for...

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Mining Watch
Mount Polley Disaster Stunner: Federal Government Moves To Stop MiningWatch Presenting Evidence To Court
The 2014 Mount Polley Mine disaster had a huge ecological impact. The Crown announced that it is moving to stay Mining Watch’s charges against the B.C. government and Mount Polley. Take action.

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