Alternatives Podcast

Alternatives Podcast

Since 1971 Alternatives Journal has been Canada's informed voice of environmentalism to everyday readers. Our podcast complements AJ's bi-monthly peer-reviewed print issues. Segments will include contributor interviews, in depth discussions of feature articles, and an editorial overview of the current and upcoming issues.
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Heroes #3: Interviews with Elizabeth May and Tzeporah Berman

January 16, 2014
| Unlike the big-name environmental heroes of the last few decades, the people inspiring Elizabeth May and Tzeporah Berman today are largely unknown and without the backing of big NGOs.
Length: 52:00 minutes (47.63 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Heroes (39.6): Youth Voices at COP19

December 13, 2013
| At COP19, A\J's Andrew Wong interviewed Carlie Labaria, Phillipines; Sebastian Duyck, Switzerland; Ruth Nyambura, Kenya; Elvin Flaco, Panama; Sochea Pheap, Cambodia; and Lakpa Sherpa, Nepal.
Length: 47:36 minutes (65.41 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Heroes (39.6): The Suzuki family podcast

December 3, 2013
| On the heroes edition of the Alternatives Journal podcast: interviews with Dr. David Suzuki about his environmental heroes, and with Severn Cullis-Suzuki on the 20 years since Rio.
Length: 31:41 minutes (29.02 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Night (39.5) #2: Louis Helbig on the sunken villages of the St. Lawrence and Burton Lim on bats

October 24, 2013
| How were residents of the now sunken villages impacted by the St. Lawrence Seaway? Will people ever care as much about bats as they do about bees? This A\J podcast answers these questions and more.
Length: 59:33 minutes (54.53 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Night (39.5): Rob Thacker on ALMA telescope, the Drake Equation and why we need to take care of our planet

September 10, 2013
| Daryn Caister interviews Rob Thacker for the Night issue of Alternatives Journal. Thacker is a Canada Research Chair in Astronomy at SMU.
Length: 29:28 minutes (26.99 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

An interview with Rob Stewart, director of Revolution

August 23, 2013
| Rob Stewart talks to A\J about how easy it was to keep the film hopeful, what the ocean is like at night and how to reduce your carbon footprint.
Length: 17:22 minutes (15.92 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Food and Drink (39.4): GM alfalfa and Chris Wood on water issues in Canada

July 2, 2013
| For Food and Drink (39.4), Taarini Chopra explains the issues with GM alfalfa and Daryn Caister interviews Chris Wood about his book Down the Drain: How We are Failing to Protect our Water Resources.
Length: 44:31 minutes (40.76 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J 39.3: Interviews with Giles Slade and Franke James

May 14, 2013
| Daryn Caister interviewed author Giles Slade and artist Franke James. Excerpts of each of their new books are featured in the May/June 2013 issue of A\J.
Length: 50:46 minutes (46.49 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Issue 39.2: Greenbelts part 2

March 31, 2013
| Interviews with Earth Day Canada president Jed Goldberg and director Kat Cizek.
Length: 35:50 minutes (32.83 MB)
Alternatives Podcast

A\J Issue 39.2: Greenbelts

March 10, 2013
| The Greenbelts edition of the A\J podcast features favourite memories of greenbelts around the world.
Length: 45:42 minutes (41.86 MB)