Peace and social justice discussions from campus radio Waterloo.

Oz Cole-Arnal: Progressive Candidate for Chair of Waterloo Region

October 16, 2014
| An interview w/ Oscar Cole-Arnal, an anti-poverty activist + progressive candidate for the position of Waterloo Regional Chair in the upcoming elections.
Length: 28:06 minutes (38.6 MB)

Ban tar sands dilbit from Line 9 and Waterloo region and respect the treaties

September 30, 2014
| On September 17, Waterloo region residents presented to council urging them to enact a municipal tar sands dilbit ban, and to honour settler treaty responsibilities to Indigenous nations.
Length: 11:44 minutes (16.12 MB)

Commemorating one year since #MigrantStrike

September 17, 2014
| An interview with Tings from the End Immigration Detention Network to mark one year since the migrant strike actions by detained immigrants in Ontario and Quebec.
Length: 20:06 minutes (27.62 MB)

Made Stateless by Canada - The Ongoing Saga of Deepan Budlakoti

September 12, 2014
| An Interview with Deepan Budlakoti, an Ottawa-born man whose citizenship was unilaterally revoked by the Harper government, a move that was recently upheld by a federal judge
Length: 26:03 minutes (35.79 MB)

The Coup's aggressive, danceable, and hopeful musical revolution

September 4, 2014
| In an interview with Boots Riley of "punk-funk, Communist revolution" band, The Coup, we talk the band, bringing the revolution to art, withholding labour, hopeful organizing in Oakland and more.
Length: 22:44 minutes (20.82 MB)

Out of the Cold program closures in Waterloo region

August 25, 2014
| Brayden, an organizer with Kitchener's Alliance Against Poverty, speaks about the Out of the Cold shelter and food program now that a fourth host site has backed out.
Length: 17:06 minutes (15.66 MB)

International Week for Anarchist Prisoners

August 22, 2014
| An interview with Tammy, who is helping to organize the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners from August 23 to 30 with events being held at "The Tower" social space in Hamilton, Ontario.
Length: 16:03 minutes (14.71 MB)

Dam Line 9! Interview on the Enbridge worksite blockade

August 8, 2014
| From the #DailyGRRR!, an interview with Lana, a blockader at the Dam Line 9 occupation in Innerkip. Lana talks about why blockaders are concerned about Line 9 as well as what is happening on site.
Length: 16:33 minutes (15.16 MB)

Community-financed tar sands environmental pollution study released

July 20, 2014
| #DailyGRRR! host Rachel Avery speaks with Stephane McLachlan, the lead researcher of a study released this week about the health and ecosystem impacts of the tar sands in Fort Chipewyan.
Length: 18:29 minutes (16.93 MB)

Update with Deepan Budlakoti, made stateless by Canada

July 19, 2014
| Update with Deepan Budlakoti, a target of the Harper government who, despite holding only Canadian citizenship and having lived in the country his entire life, risks deportation.
Length: 17:19 minutes (15.86 MB)