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John Bonnar is an independent journalist producing print, photo, video and audio stories about social justice issues in and around Toronto.
John Bonnar Audio Blog

Activists call for permanent shutdown of Mount Polley mine

April 29, 2015
| April 29 was a national day of action to stop the reopening of the Mount Polley Mine in British Columbia.
Length: 19:41 minutes (18.02 MB)
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Cindy Gladue decision sparks cross-country protests

April 3, 2015
| Convinced that Cindy had consented to the violence that left an 11 cm wound in her vagina causing her to bleed to death, an almost all-white, almost all-male jury acquitted her killer, a white man.
Length: 37:18 minutes (34.16 MB)
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Group moves to stop GTA legal clinic mergers

January 13, 2015
| My guest today is Oriel Varga, a member of a grassroots coalition fighting the idea of amalgamating 17 independent community legal clinics in the GTA into five super clinics.
Length: 41:57 minutes (38.42 MB)
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Feminist activists remain committed to fight for 24-hour drop-in for women and trans people

January 8, 2015
| Today was the first court appearance for five women arrested and charged with criminal offences on November 25 for refusing to leave a Shelter Support and Housing Administration office in Toronto.
Length: 30:32 minutes (27.96 MB)
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Anti-poverty activist reflects on the importance of saving our social safety net

November 29, 2014
| Harry Leslie Smith grew up poor in England, saw the welfare state raise a generation out of poverty, then watched it systematically dismantled in the last 30 years.
Length: 34:18 minutes (31.41 MB)
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Health for All balks at new federal health benefits for refugees

November 4, 2014
| The temporary measures are not a complete reversal of the cuts the government made in 2012, with certain classes of refugee claimants still not covered for drugs or supplemental health benefits.
Length: 17:15 minutes (15.8 MB)
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Federal Court rejects government's request to delay reinstating refugee health care

November 2, 2014
| On October 31, Judge Wyman Webb rejected the government's request to delay reinstating the Interim Federal Health Program, leaving Ottawa until November 4 to restore access to the benefits.
Length: 29:26 minutes (26.95 MB)
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Groups demand Canadian mining company drop suit against El Salvador

September 10, 2014
| At a rally Wednesday, organizations from Canada, El Salvador and around the world confronted Canadian-Australian mining company Oceana Gold, whose subsidiary is suing El Salvador for $301 million.
Length: 26:36 minutes (24.36 MB)
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Bill C-36 based on 'flawed logic' and 'incomplete information' says UVic researcher

September 8, 2014
| Chris Atchison has been researching the sex-buying community and working in a supportive capacity with sex work(er) researchers and outreach/support organizations since 1995.
Length: 31:34 minutes (28.91 MB)
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Bill C-585 could strip social assistance benefits from those without permanent status in Canada

September 5, 2014
| If passed, the bill would allow provinces to restrict access to social assistance benefits by imposing minimum residency requirements for eligibility.
Length: 14:47 minutes (13.54 MB)