From the South Pacific to big city streets, from big media to your inner ear, rabbledocs takes you on journeys of discovery with the best Canadian independent radio documentaries.

People Powered: The Activists Behind Vancouver’s Climate Justice Movement

January 12, 2017
| Rebecca Visser looks at what drives Vancouver-based activists in their fight for climate justice. Produced as part of the "Making Time for Radio" project of Simon Fraser's CJSF Radio.
Length: 19:21 minutes (35.46 MB)

For peat's sake: Peat and resource development in provincial parks

April 26, 2012
| In this documentary, Leif Larsen and Eric Reder talk about the value of peat, and why the Wilderness Committee are so opposed to any kind of resource development in provincial parks.
Length: 13:11

Safety for cyclists

February 22, 2012
| Jenna Morrison was one of two cyclists killed in Toronto. Tomas Urbina is a documentarian who has been covering the issue and he sent us this documentary on cyclist safety. Here's his doc.
Length: 05:10 minutes (4.79 MB)

Ghosts Migrate

April 10, 2008
| Ghosts Migrate - winner of the 2007 Radio-Canada digital diversity award.
Length: 09:01

Listen to the land 1

May 17, 2007
| From August to December 2006, broadcaster Michael Riordon recorded interviews and on-location sound impressions at eleven organic farms, as vegetables and herbs were harve
Length: 15:05

Public Health or Private Wealth - Part 2

April 7, 2007
| A glimpse at the privatisation of healthcare in Quebec by Carolyn Morris
Length: 29:38

Public Health or Private Wealth - Part 1

April 6, 2007
| A glimpse at the privatisation of healthcare in Quebec by Carolyn Morris
Length: 24:50

Where Credit is Due

November 23, 2006
| A documentary about microcredit by Sean Kelly
Length: 52:24

Time to Deliver: Dispatches from AIDS 2006

November 16, 2006
| Dispatches from the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada, August 13-18, 2006.
Length: 58:16

The Shouting Mountain

October 13, 2006
| What does a border sound like? An audio portrait of a family in Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights separated since 1967 by a minefield. Listen in Stereo.
Length: 20:10