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Talking Radical Radio brings you grassroots voices from across Canada. Each week, we hear from an active participant in one of this country's many grassroots groups, organizations, movements, and communities-in-struggle to learn about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Learn more at!
Talking Radical Radio

Dismantling barriers faced by migrants to Canada

November 25, 2015
| Sarah St. John and Omar Chu talk about Sanctuary Health's work to challenge barriers to services and resources faced by migrants in Vancouver.
Length: 28:17 minutes (25.9 MB)
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The long fight in Quebec for adequate, affordable housing for all

November 18, 2015
| Émilie Joly of FRAPRU talks about the struggle for affordable housing and against austerity in Quebec.
Length: 28:14 minutes (25.86 MB)
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Music and grassroots politics in Montreal

November 11, 2015
| Musician and community organizer Stefan Christoff talks about the connections between music and radical grassroots politics.
Length: 28:15 minutes (25.88 MB)
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Remembering Ali Mustafa, supporting radical media-makers

November 4, 2015
| Datejie Green and Chris Webb talk about remembering grassroots journalist and radical organizer Ali Mustafa, and supporting young people doing similar work today.
Length: 28:23 minutes (26 MB)
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Bringing a climate justice challenge to Trudeau's doorstep

October 28, 2015
| Clayton Thomas-Muller talks about the Climate Welcome action happening in Ottawa from November 5 to 8.
Length: 28:35 minutes (26.18 MB)
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Opposing the uranium industry and 'nuclear colonization' in Saskatchewan

October 21, 2015
| Candyce Paul talks about the work of the Committee for Future Generations to oppose the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan.
Length: 28:24 minutes (26.01 MB)
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Defending public services during the election and beyond

October 14, 2015
| Wendy Goldsmith and Dru Oja Jay talk about the work of the new national organization Friends of Public Services.
Length: 28:37 minutes (26.21 MB)
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Grassroots feminist moms challenging the child welfare system

October 7, 2015
| Alicia Owen and Sheryl Jarvis talk about Community Action for Families, and its work to support moms and their kids and to challenge the child welfare system.
Length: 28:38 minutes (26.22 MB)
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Extractivism, colonialism, and building a health justice movement in Canada

September 30, 2015
| Dr. Baj Mukhopadhyay talks about the Canadian chapter of the global People's Health Movement.
Length: 28:40 minutes (26.25 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Fighting for access to education for undocumented migrants in Montreal

September 23, 2015
| Steve Baird talks about the Education Across Borders collective and the fight to win unimpeded access to school for undocumented migrant children.
Length: 28:42 minutes (26.28 MB)