What big media ignored: 25,000 peacefully demonstrate against G20 policies in Toronto

| June 27, 2010
What big media ignored: 25,000 peacefully demonstrate against G20 policies in Toronto

What the media ignored: 25,000 peacefully demonstrate against G20 policies and the Harper government in Toronto

Unlike what you have likely seen on CBC or CTV, this is what the majority of activists were doing on Saturday in Toronto.

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The mainstream media would rather report on eye catching news like police cars on fire and demonstrators smashing store fronts.  I also found it interesting that on Saturday afternoon, the mainstream, 24 hour a day media reported almost nothing on what had been achieved during the G8 meeting that was already over.  It was as though the meeting had never happened; the only thing appearing on CBC was the same video footage on a loop showing someone climbing a tree, breaking a window and flames leaping from a police car.

This weekend's coverage was a sad commentary on Canada's mainstream media.


But isn't our media liberally biased and that is why we need a 24 hour propaganda machine like the U.S.'s Faux News network?

Can you imagine how they would have spinned this story?

Check out the G20 Protest at the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa yesterday to Free Nathalie Morin and her children and End Gender Apartheid in Saudi Arabia. Human Rights before OIL!


A simultaneous protest was held in Washington.

Shahla Khan Salter, Chair, Muslims for Progressive Values Ottawa, www.mpvottawa.com

What this article ignored was that the police indeed initiated violence at this protest. With no provocation, they donned riot gear. The most violent moment was a deaf person, who uses ASL, was detained in cuffs, thus unable to communicate. This person was held over night and denied an independent ASL interpreter to speak with his lawyer. This at the feminist march, which was also led by an accessibe van, which was illegally searched by police before the march.

This article also fails to acknowledge that the police had surrounded the park which was the starting ground for the march, and forced people into illegal searches of their property.

I agree that the media ought to be covering the issues. But i also think that you need to stop creating this false dichotomy of good and bad protesters and good and bad protest marches.

There are always violent factions roaming the streets of Toronto.  They might only suit up for special occaisions, but they are always present. They are the Toronto Police.

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